Google‘s new Live Case program allows Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P owners customize their phone case for $35.

A series of limited edition phone cases created in collaboration with Skrillex were introduced by Google last year, and this time, Google is introducing a sort of collaboration with their users to create unique cases for them.

Google Nexus 6P – image credit: Google

Owners can choose between Photos Live Case, which lets you pick and print a photo; and the Places Live Case, which uses Google Maps to design a stylized version of owners’ favorite location. The basic case design is pretty much the same.

The ‘live’ element refers to the ability of Live case app to match the wallpaper to the case of the phone.

Google’s tools to customize Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P

Users are able to add colored overlays, and then finish the cover in matte (available now) or glossy (coming soon) coating. Once downloaded the Live Case app, cases will come feature live wallpaper on phone’s home screen.

Costumiers can apply different effects to their design, such as play with the contrast, overlay a pattern or a gradient, or even give it a “primitive” look. Google gives several possibilities to customize users’ phone.

The Photos Live Case has a customizable picture slideshow in which customizers can decide what images they want to include and how often they want it to advance. Place Live Cases allows owners to see their current location through the day and in the same style as the cover.

But hang on, there’s one more surprise: Google’s accessories comes with a built-in shortcut button so users can access to launch any app they want –not only Youtube channel’s as previous cases –with a single touch, with this feature they can even access to nearby places of interest. The button uses NFC to wirelessly send the command to Nexus phone.

Source: PC Mag