The internet giant Google is taking over households with a kind of old-school service: Google’s Fiber Phone. But why is Google using landline phones services these days?

Applying what Google did with Hangouts, the fiber phone service provides users an unlimited free calling to the U.S. and Canada, while for other countries, the calls will be at the same cost as it would via Google Voice.

Google is taking over households with an old-school service: Google’s Fiber Phone. Credit: Tech Products

This service will cost $10 per month; the phone will include a 1Gbps broadband, becoming one of the fastest broadband services, that also include some unique features that make the service stands out against their competitors like AT&T or Comcast.

Innovation on landline phones

Some of these features that stand out in Google’s Fiber Phone are that it can transcribe incoming voice messages and email them to your Gmail inbox or even send them as SMS messages. With this transcribing feature, it also includes a spam filter – just like Gmail’s spam filter – for Telemarketer phone calls, so you won’t have to worry about them anymore with Fiber Phone.

Another useful and amazing feature is the use of a cloud-based system, which means that you can choose from what device (a smartphone, a laptop or desktop PC or the landline phone) you could answer an incoming call.

Google Fiber product manager John Shriver-Blake stated that home phone services are still important to families these days, even with the mobile phones users rising. Many people use their landline phones and that’s where Google jumps in, to bring those users a modern version of this old-school technology to more conservative users around the world.

Fiber Phone is going to be offered “in a few areas to start,” without giving details of which cities will be the first to enjoy this “90s revival” service, but it will initially be on-going into Google Fiber cities, being those Austin, TX and Kansas City, MO.

Any customer that is interested in Google’s Fiber Phone service can sign up online, just by filling the Fiber Phone Interest Form.

Source: Tech Times