Alphabet chairman and Google co-founder Sergey Brin addressed audiences at the latest World Economic Forum, talking about what he has learned through all of these years while leading a world-class company such as Google.

“If I told you all of the dumb things I did, we’d have to have a much longer session. And the successes, they often are chance,” he stated at the conference. He reminded the attendees of the importance of experimentation and innovation, arguing that the future is impossible to predict, which is why he is so cautious in his plans for the future.

Google's Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin speaks at the 47th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Image credit: Laurent Gillieron/EPA.

A world-class entrepreneur tells us to ‘take chances’

Brin assures that technology will evolve like nothing we have experienced before, influencing values and needs, forcing us to change the ways we think and the things that provide us with a purpose. He firmly believes that automation will gain force throughout the years, but that jobs should remain as an element of social responsibility, which would allow people to educate themselves and to exert their full ability in making society better and sustaining themselves.

Google’s co-founder acknowledged that automation and technology will help make simple tasks much easier and faster to perform, although people are always more creative and are able to find better ways to solve a problem. But, according to Brin, the implementation of automation in the general workforce would also mean that people will find more “meaningful” ways to spend their time, allowing them to have more time to pursue their interests and what makes them passionate.

Artificial Intelligence
Brin’s recommendation for newer generations is to have fun, be ambitious, and to take chances, trying to silence the voices sentencing “somebody is already doing that.” Image credit: Humanoides.

One of Brin’s suggestions for facing the future is to act like a turtle, as the following years will be uncertain and the goals that we impose on ourselves may change drastically, as it is important to have other goals besides making money. He emphasized that it is vital for people to have a job that allows them to be passionate and loving about every day of their life.

Regarding earnings, he told the attendees at the World Economic Forum, that it is not so much about maximizing profits and not caring about what surrounds the company, but that it is also important to have a sense of responsibility with employees and with society.

This is especially true with Google, as the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, assured that the company was labeled as “one of the four powers left in the world” by the prime minister of an important country, as it was reported by Ctpost

Brin even suggested the audience that they should not blindly follow his advice, as nothing is set in stone and that even he enjoyed some luck when starting the company that would set him at the head and shoulders of the internet.

“This kind of revolution in deep nets has been very profound and definitely surprised me even though I was right inside there. … It’s an incredible time. What can these things do? We don’t really know the limits,” he stated at the forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Source: Hollywood Reporter