San Francisco – Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) released on Tuesday two new Chromecast media streaming devices aiming at improved functionality for streaming mobile games.

Now owners will be able to use their TVs as a second screen for games while using their phones or tablets as controllers.  The idea, even though very seminal to Apple TV, is much less expensive. From the two devices, one is designed for television and the other one for speakers.

Google has updated the guts of the Chromecast to include support for modern Wi-Fi streaming standards (802.11ac, 5Ghz). There are three different antennas in the device for optimized Wi-Fi streaming, whereas the first Chromecast only had one. Credit: The Verge

“There’s a huge opportunity as the world’s going over the top, as streaming’s becoming much more predominant […] We keep the hardware simple and affordable, and we use the phone as a way to drive a lot of the great experiences you’re going to have.” said Rishi Chandra, vice president of product management at Google, as reported by CNET.


So far, supported games include Just Dance Now, Catchphrase, Scrabble Blitz, Angry Birds Go!, WGT Golf, and Driver Speedboat Paradise. Also, new Chromecast maintains the first version’s characteristic of supporting Apple devices so owners can play both Android and iOS games.

“Your favorite apps, with all of the rich features, they’re already on your phone. You’re already logged in […] And so we believe one really and effective way to bring apps to TV, to bring content through apps to TV, is just to extend the mobile apps on your smartphone” said Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice-president of product management for Chromecast, as reported by Guelph Mercury.

Streaming Market

Google’s has responded to the crowded streaming market by making the new Chromecast the size and shape of a coin, different from stick-shaped competitors from companies like Amazon or Roku. Also, Google announced that the new device, of which they have sold already 20 million units, is compatible with thousands of apps, now including Netflix and HBO Now.

Also on Tuesday, Google announced a new partnership with Spotify, the popular music-streaming app for its Chromecast Audio, a new line of Chromecast devices that plug directly into speakers and receive music sent from a phone.

Source: CNET