Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) published on Wednesday the list of the most popular searches of 2015. The ranking has become into a significant source to understand the topics and information that the people from around the world care the most about.

According to Google analytics this were the most searched words within 2015 in the whole word:

Lamar Odom – Number 1

Photo: ESPN.
Photo: ESPN.

In October the NBA star was hospitalized after he apparently entered in coma after overdosing drugs at a hotel in Nevada. The NBA player accident caused immediate responses in the United States as thousands of people and basketball players sent good messages to the beloved figure.

Magic Johnson tweet became extremely popular after he said every year Lamar Odom was with the lakers he would buy the rookies their first 2-3 custom suits, he wrote: “that’s what type of guy he is”.

Entertainment Tonight reported on Monday Lamar Odom is still experiencing physical and mental impairments after he awoke from a coma that lasted four days, two months ago. According to the sources from the TV show, he has some memory loss and he forgets a lot of people’s names, sometimes even his own.

Khloe Kardashian said Ellen DeGeneres last month that he had a brain injury but she wasn’t allowed to tell him how the injury was caused, because it would set him back, she affirmed he was still very confused.

Charlie Hebdo – Number 2

Image: Mashable.
Image: Mashable.

In January a terrorist attack left 12 people dead in Paris. The strike was aimed to Charlie Hebdo, which is a satirical magazine that publishes cartoons, reports and jokes related to religion, atheism, racism, politics and controversial subjects.

The top editor of the magazine, cartoonists and police officers were among the casualties. The attackers screamed “Allahu akbar!” while they killed their victims, which means “God is great!”. The tragedy was discussed all over the world, thousands of people started to become interested in terrorism since it was the most significant attack Paris received in the latests years. Also personalities from all around the world traveled to Paris to march for world peace. – Number 3


The free online game became massive after it was released for iOS and Android platforms. It consists on a cell that needs to gain mass while swallowing smaller cells, the funny thing is that bigger cells can swallow players.

The game was downloaded more than ten million times just during its first week of release. Players from all the world declared they were addicted to the frustrating game and Youtubers uploaded several videos while playing it.

Jurassic World, Furious 7 and American Sniper

Photo: Jurassic World Official Trailer.

The three movies were part of the Google’s top 10 searches. Jurassic World which obtained number four in the ranking, is a science fiction adventure movie directed by Colin Trevorrow with the collaboration of Steven Spielberg in the production. The dinosaurs film won $1.669 billion in the box office and it had a budget of just $150 million.

American Sniper, which was released in 2014 obtained the number 10 in the ranking as it was featured in the Oscars that took place on February 22. The movie won $547.3 million in the box office.

Source: Google Trends