Rumors that the unique mother-daughter duo would return were first reported last year and it’s now official: Lorelai and Rory Gilmore will be back in a while. Netflix and star Lauren Graham announced Friday that Gilmore Girls will return as a miniseries of four 90-minute episodes, of course with Alexis Bledel.

Amy Sherman-Palladino, the series creator, is set to produce, write and direct with her husband Daniel Palladino. Netflix hasn’t revealed when it will release the still-untitled miniseries but shooting is scheduled to begin soon and should be done by this spring.

A picture of the first season of the series. Photo: The Hollywood Reporter
A picture of the first season of the series. Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Scott Patterson (Luke) and Kelly Bishop (Emily) also signed on for the miniseries, as well as Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Keiko Agena (Lane). Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions will produce the project in association with Warner Bros. television.

Berta and Alejandro, a Peruvian couple, are among the new characters viewers will be able to meet. Alejandro is not only a handyman, but also a solid family man. Fans will also meet a miserable looking man named Nat Compton, who seems not to have the smiling capability on his system.

Other new people include Clementina, 13-year-old Dewey, a Portuguese nanny, 5-year-old Gabriela and her 7-year-old brother Tim, a group of hippies at a commune, and 9-year-old Korean-American twins Kwan & Stevie.

Last October news of Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix came up after the cast gathered in Austin for an anniversary celebration. Sherman-Palladino promised that, should it ever happen, it would be “the right format, the right timing, the right way” for it to be truly honored.

“DUDES. I can’t confirm this. But I also can’t deny this…” Star Lauren Graham tweeted in the fall of 2015.

Gilmore Girls ran on the WB from 2000 to 2007, featuring the story of an addicted-to-coffee mother living with her charming daughter in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. Fans have been looking forward to watching the duo’s return particularly because Sherman-Palladino has expressed she wasn’t satisfied with the series ending, since it was far from matching her vision for the conclusion.

Grab your pizza and get ready to see more Gilmore Girls in your life.

Source: E! Online