Los Angeles, California / August 6, 2021

Game Makers Behind Boom Again Release an Adapted Set of Rules to Enable Playing Through Video Calls
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Boom Again is a trivia board game with questions designed to jog the memory of those born in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. With new, alternate rules, it’s now adapted for easy play through Zoom calls and other video services.

The pandemic revealed the challenges of trying to stay social while stuck inside. Makers of the pop culture trivia game Boom Again even crafted an extra set of rules so baby boomers could play during video calls.  That necessary business pivot revealed a previously unrecognized segment within the baby boom demographic:  remote friends and family who still like to gather together as a social activity.

Available on the company’s website, the video call play guide is meant to smooth out any issues that may arise while players try to play trivia games through Zoom calls and other online services. The supplementary material includes a recording of celebrities playing the game through zoom, which serves as a demonstration of how those adopted rules can be used.

How the game works

Boom Again is a trivia board game designed by industry veteran Brian Hersch who invented hit games like Taboo, Outburst, and Super Scattergories. The game sees players split into two teams to answer various trivia questions related to the pop culture and shared experiences of the Baby Boomer generation. Designed by boomers for boomers, Boom Again comes packed with over 2,200 trivia questions spread across six different categories.

Throughout the course of the game, each correct question gets one team closer to winning one of the tokens on the board. The first team to win three tokens wins the game. The tokens themselves are also period-specific, including nostalgic items like a Vietnam-era dog tag and a metal skate key.

Despite being an industry veteran with dozens of games under his belt, Hersch had never created a trivia game before Boom Again. As he explained in a blog post on the game’s website:

“Until now I have avoided designing trivia board games because too often fun takes a back seat. Everyone thinks trivia has to be hard. But people don’t want to feel embarrassed. Sure, playing with hard pop culture trivia might feel good to really smart players who get to show off. But the majority of us feel awkward and intimidated. Where’s the fun in that?”

Boom Again doesn’t fall into that trap. Rather than being designed to fry the player’s brains, the game is designed to jog their fondest memories and bring laughter to the people playing the game together.

Playing over Zoom

Playing Boom Again online has become so common that the company started calling these sessions “Boom Zooms”. To play Boom Again online, only one of the players needs to own the game. A list of rules and game categories are both available on the company’s website to help players who are not familiar with the game get in on the fun, alongside a full step-by-step guide on how to change the game to make it easier to play online.


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