One of the two dangerous fugitives from a Washington’s psychiatric hospital has been caught on Thursday by local police. The second man is still at large and is considered to be the most dangerous one. He was accused of murder but found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Mark Alexander Adams was detained by police officers without any incident in Des Moines, Washington. About 20 minutes from the state psychiatric hospital where he was held, Lakewood police Lt. Chris Lawler said to CBS.

Credit: abcnews.go

Adams was recognized and took into custody, police will interview him to get clues about the whereabouts of his fugitive companion. The just found man was arrested on suspicion of domestic assault in 2014.

After their escape, Adams, 58, took a bus on Wednesday night and asked directions about how to get to the airport, police said. He was caught the next day in a city near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

However, Anthony Garver, the other fugitive, remains in the run and holds an even more scary record than Adams. Garver was arrested in the summer of 2013 for allegedly tying a woman to a bed with electric cords and then stabbing her to death, as reported by CNN.

A troubling institution

The institution described as “one of the largest psychiatric hospitals west of the Mississippi”, with about 800 hundred beds available to patients with mental problems, has been raising safety concerns lately.

U.S. regulators have found and cited several safety concerns for staff and even their own patients, which included violent assaults. Government authorities have threat the institution with cuts in its funding due to this concerns.

According to records obtained by the Associated Press, important incidents have occurred in the facility putting in danger the staff. A patient with a history of violent behavior choked and punched a staff member on March 26, a internal report said.

On March 23, the records also showed an incident involving a male patient who slipped out of his monitors and was found in a bathroom with another male patient, who said he had been sexualy assaulted.

Source: CBS