Frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by stiffness in the shoulder joint. It is usually common in people who have diabetes or when you keep your hand immobilized for a long time. This condition can be treated through different techniques. However, medical experts say that this condition can disappear on its own. When it goes on its own, a patient will not regain full shoulder motion. Frozen shoulder usually results from inflammation and thickening of the capsules of the shoulder joint. This condition often limits the shoulder movement. Frozen shoulders typically last for one to two years if not treated.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment with Niel Asher Technique

Below are some of the Niel-Asher techniques that can be employed to treat frozen shoulder;

Physical therapy

This step tends to increase and improve the range of motions. It forces the shoulder through the blockage. Individuals are advised to do little or less severe exercises. This tends to make the shoulder mobile. Patients treated through these techniques notice gradual changes, which may take a longer time. This method of the Neil Asher technique famed for frozen shoulder treatment is primarily used in the early stages of a shoulder problem.


This is a significant theory used in the Neil Asher Technique. It involves Neuro-Linguistic programming, which consists of the response to stimuli changes. The brain interprets physical inputs at the spinal cord level and responds. The brain changes the motor output resulting in a plethora of changes within the injured region. Patients treated with this technique realize rapid improvement in their condition. Cortex-Neuro-Somatic-Programming tends to trigger a joint response.

Keeping the arm still

The arm around the joint is kept still. The pressure is applied at a specific point. The treatment is usually painful and requires perseverance, as there is no admission of anesthesia in this process. The pain at the freezing point is generally too much though bearable. The inflammation of the rotator interval is treated during the first phase of the step. The range of movement of the joint is then addressed after the rotator interval. For a perfect treatment, the sessions should be averagely ten. This depends on how severe the frozen shoulder is. This method is entirely natural. It should be done before trying the medical ways of injection.

Stimulation of receptors

The Niel-Asher technique usually stimulates groups of receptors. These receptors are found in the muscles and are responsible for relaying information to the brain. The stimulation of the receptor cells creates a neurological file within the somatosensory cortex in the brain. Once the sequence of these reflexes is changed, the brain fires and changes the motor output in the muscles.


Niel-Asher technique embraces the body’s natural healing mechanisms. The unique combination of pressure techniques and exercises tends to help the body by relieving the pain. It reduces spasm and injury, increasing power, and energy. Injuries that prevent your shoulders from moving increase your chances of frozen shoulder. Many techniques, such as the Niel Asher technique famed for frozen shoulder treatment, can be used as natural remedies. The Niel Asher has been employed by medical professionals all over the world.