New York City – Although art fairs are expensive and not for everyone, there is much to learn and stare at when attending one without a doubt. This is specially true for the Frieze New York Art Fair, which sports over 200 galleries open for bidding.

Among the art pieces, some of which have attracted the attention of critics are the animal pieces, such as Maurizio Cattelan’s donkey leaning against a wall. There are also a ram and petrified sharks, provided by Damien Hirst.

Frieze Art Fair in New York
The Frieze art fair is currently held on Randall’s Island, just between Manhattan and Queens. Image Credit: Art Net

The view at Frieze New York Art Fair

The art fair is being held from May 5th to May 8th. You can purchase a ticket here by using a valid credit or debit card.

The Frieze art fair is currently held on Randall’s Island, just between Manhattan and Queens. To review how to get to the fair, people can visit this link. Here is where people can be recommended to ride the new ferry that runs along Wednesday through Friday. People can also take the bus or drive to Randall’s Island, although there is no self parking. The only option for parking, other than handicapped parking, will be a very limited valet, with the elevated cost of $50 for full-day parking.

If physically going to the exhibit is not an option for some people, they can also see what you’re missing through the art fair’s Instagram account.

What to see at Frieze

The art fair features an unmatched standard of quality on its presentation, bringing many recognized artists and emerging talents of contemporary arts. The galleries are open for submission on June of each year. Application submissions don’t start up until August. And in September, the final draft of the galleries are selected by the committee members.

Currently, there are three sections comprising Frieze: Frame, Focus and Spotlight. Frame includes exhibits from galleries that have been established less than eight years ago. Frame displays artists who have not had an opportunity to showcase their work on an international spectrum. Focus features art pieces that were specifically created for displaying at Frieze. Although the pieces may already belong to a gallery, the ones featured in Focus will be debuting at this year’s Frieze.

Spotlight is the latest of Frieze’s sections. It will display works that have been conceived along the 20th century, displaying a true compilation of the evolution of contemporary art. Along the different influences and developments of artistic movements throughout the last decades. Spotlight is to focus its attention on the works that range from 1960 to 2012.

There is also a reading room, sporting a magnificent selection of art literature, and the fair will feature the Stand Prize, which is to be awarded to the most outstanding gallery presentation at this year’s fair.

Source: Frieze