Worldwide pop singer Justin Timberlake has released his latest single titled ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling‘ and social media is thrilled with it.

Timberlake’s new single was made for the new Trolls movie that is scheduled to open in theatres on November 4th of the ongoing year.  The single was released midnight on Friday along with a video featuring members of Dreamworks along with cast members.

Justin Timberlake on the set of its new album
The new single from the hands of the renowned musician Justin Timberlake has shattered social media. Also, it has already been labeled as the summer song of 2016. Image Credit: Metro

‘Can’t stop the feeling’ is Justin Timberlake’s first single since 2013 when he released  his album, The 20/20 Experience just right before the Super Bowl of that year.

Justin gets summer’s song 2016

‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ is a sunny, catchy song that fans, media and social reactions are claiming is the anthem of the 2016 summer.

The video release of the single features Justin Timberlake in the studio along with cast members of the movie, friends and even his parents.  As the song starts everyone starts dancing and lipsinging along.

Popstars such as Gwen Stefani and Icona Pop are featured in the video singing along to the song. As well as worldwide actress Anna Kendrick, James Corden and actor Kunal Nayyar from the Big Bang Theory.

Timberlake not only made the soundtrack of the Trolls movie,but he actually voices one of the characters called Branch. The singer had been teasing his fans with the single when he answered a fan asking about the name of the new single. He answered “#CantStopTheFeeling, Two more days”.

Timberlake also had posted several pictures on his Instagram account along with longtime friends and collaborators Pharrell Williams and Timbaland. Along with several gifs of the star dancing along with other people.

The soundtrack of the movie Trolls is already available at Apple Music while the video is available at Timberlake’s Vevo channel. It’s worth mentioning that Timberlake is no stranger to movies ever since he jumped from musician to actor. Justin has starred plenty of movies such as Alpha Dog and Time, where his work as made him shine not only in background music, but also in the big screen.

Source: Rolling Stone