Let’s face it, for a lot of people, getting a great workout in can be daunting, but especially for those who are afraid of being sore and tired the next day. Exercise is supposed to be uplifting and ultimately provide an energy boost, thus setting your day up for success.

Fitness Expert, Jolene Cherry, Reveals How to Recover from Hard Workouts

Physical fitness expert, Jolene Cherry, caters to a diverse range of exercise styles as well as clients, and as a result, has designed revolutionary health plans and goals with longevity and endurance in mind. Ms. Cherry understands that burnout routines are not sustainable and encourages readers to implement the following fantastic tips for accelerated recovery from challenging workouts.

Avoid the Temptation to Overtrain

Although it isn’t always the first thing to come to mind when someone wants to get in great shape, the first steps in the recovery process are preparation and prevention. Pushing boundaries is part of every great workout, it helps you get in better shape, but there is a limit to what the body can do without causing harm. The best way to help your body bounce back for another round of exercise is to plan our efficient workout regimen, where you push yourself to improve, but not past the point where it limits future workouts. If you have serious doubts about how to effectively create an optimal workout routine, Jolene Cherry recommends receiving a free consultation from a physical trainer in your local neighborhood.

Maintain Consistent Hydration

Your body is a complex structure that needs proper care, even when it is being pushed to go above and beyond typical daily functions. An essential ingredient for a healthy body is water, and staying adequately hydrated is an absolute necessity. Remember to drink plenty of fluids before, during, and after a workout to help you recuperate from intense exercise activities.

Emphasize Active Recovery

Your body needs to recover, but you can actively help it along the way with a variety of options. Getting a massage is an excellent option for those who can afford the time and money necessary but might not be realistic for many. Making a small investment in a foam roller and similar home massage equipment, along with simple or more advanced stretching techniques, can make daily recovery an active part of your exercise routine.

Eat High-Quality Food

You are what you eat, and the body needs the best nutrients to perform at maximum levels. If you want to make the most of your workouts and help your body recover at optimum efficiency, then an important step is to make sure you’re eating the best foods for your body. Make sure you are getting lean proteins and complex carbohydrates into your system regularly to help you refuel.

Use Anti-Inflammatory Medication Wisely

Sometimes the body needs a little bit of extra help. Taking inflammatory medicine, while not everyone’s favorite course of remedy, can help relax the muscles after strenuous exercise. If you’re not excited about the prospect of taking traditional over-the-counter medicines, then you can consider alternative methods such as essential oils.

Just Relax!

The human body is a fantastic system that knows how to heal itself from many ailments. This means that a straightforward step to recovering from hard strength and conditioning programs is to relax your muscles and let your own body take care of itself. Remove unnecessary strains and stressors from the rest of your day to let your body recover, then make sure that you get enough sleep at night for full restoration, and repeat these actions the next day.

Working out is a vital part of a healthy life, and it should be strenuous, but that doesn’t mean you need to deal with aches and pains because of it. Take these tips and make them a part of your daily routine. Your body will thank you for it, and future workouts will be more enjoyable.

About Jolene Cherry:

Jolene Cherry is a certified and experienced yoga instructor and personal trainer based in Portland, Oregon. She has always been interested in fitness, meditation, and nutrition and decided to help others reach their desired levels of physical fitness. Her international training and experience, ranging from Hawaii to Thailand, along with her nurturing one-on-one sessions have helped propel her to a prominent personal trainer and yoga instructor in the Pacific Northwest. She excels in a variety of yoga styles, especially Vinyasa Yoga, traditional Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, as well as meditation-oriented Yin Yoga.