Apple’s subsidiary, FileMaker, released on Tuesday its latest product named FileMaker 15. The updated version comes with support for the new iOS features like Touch ID and 3D Touch, in addition to new technologies such as iBeacons for building location-based apps.

WebDirect joined the new version as well, which will allow users to access FileMakers apps from their phones in a web browser, besides being already capable of doing it through a desktop or tablet, according to the software’s description from the company.

On Tuesday, FileMaker released its latest product named FileMaker 15. Credit: WebGadgets

Although the version came with many new features, the most outstanding ones from the app developer software were the improved security features, including improved support for SSL certifications, and performance updates across the FileMaker tools, as reported by Techcrunch.

FileMaker 15 also made its software more team-friendly by allowing up to 5 members to access the FileMaker Server, Pro, Go and WebDirect for $888 per year. This offers some growth opportunity for the enterprises who need more people dedicated to just one project.

The 1980’s-company has focused on developing apps to small business and medium-sized companies that require more specialized services that they could not get from buying a simple Apple-Store-app. In addition, it offers the opportunity to do it without the time-consuming code writing.

Apple’s future?

As the iPhone sales of the most valuable company in the world are dropping, some experts have started to wonder how the future looks like for the tech giant. Matt Weinberger, from Business Insider, argued that FileMaker could play a key role in Apple’s future.

While the company is signing all kinds of deals with other tech giants like IBM, SAP and Cistro to push the iPhone and iPad into the business tech market, some of those target companies, the not so big ones who may require these services, may benefit from an app-developer software like FileMaker.

According to Andy LeCates, FileMaker’s director of solutions consulting, FileMaker fills this gap that the big tech companies leave unattended. With Apple redoubling its efforts to address the enterprise market, FileMaker may take a role, not for the big, multinational corporations, but with the local business looking to update their technology.

Source: FileMaker