Gen. Lori J. Robinson is one of the only two female four-star generals of the country that will lead a high-level U.S. warfighting command. Experts said she represents a new generation of leaders. This is the first time ever that a woman takes such a position in the Air Force.

On Friday, Gen. Robinson assumed control of the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command in Colorado. Personnel told The Associated Press (AP) reporters, that Robinson is the epitome of new leaders who understand the impact of the Air Force.

Gen. Lori J. Robinson
Experts claim that Gen. Lori J. Robinson represents a new generation of leaders. Credit:

The Air Force now interacts with space travel, cyber security and drones. Maria Carl, a retired Air Force colonel said that Gen. Robinson reflects the Air Force evolution “as much as anything else,” as reported by AP.

“She has an ability to take all the different pieces of the picture and pull it together strategically,” Carl was quoted as saying by AP.

Robinson’s family has a long-time tradition in the Air Force. Her husband David Robinson is a retired two-star general. He was a pilot in the Thunderbirds demonstration team. David Robinson’s daughter graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2005, but passed away after a pilot-training crash.

George Howard, father of Gen. Lori Robinson, was an Air Force Veteran and a pilot in the Vietnam War, said Dan Elliott from AP. The new commander told senators at the swear in ceremony, that she has admired her father during her entire life.

Gen. Lori J. Robinson is the only woman leading a Warfighting Center in the Pentagon

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is a joint operation between the U.S. and Canada, in order to protect the skies of both countries and observe sea approaches. On the other hand, the Northern Command is dedicated to defending the U.S. territory from attacks.

The Northern Command was created in 2001 after Al-Qaeda carried out a terrorist attack in New York City and killed nearly three thousand people. It is also in charge of protecting civilian authorities in emergencies.

The Pentagon has nine Warfighting Centers, the Northern Command is one of them. The other eight are led by men, said AP. In her previous role, Gen. Robinson was the commander of Pacific Air Forces. Her actions took place in more than half of Earth’s territory.

“You’re dealing with a lot of countries, a lot of the air forces in the Pacific, China being one of them,” said Darryll Wong, a retired Air Force major general and Hawaii’s former adjutant general to AP.

Source: The Associated Press