Trying to keep up the pace as a prequel spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead has just aired its second season on Sunday night, which hopefully will bring more action to the plot. The AMC network is betting on the spin-off from the rather successful Walking Dead series to pick up the pace with this season in order to provide viewers with quality content.

Still, the series has only just begun and it’s hard to say where it will go from its slow-paced beginning. The main series centers the original plot on a man waking up from a coma after the city has been evacuated due to the zombie outbreak in the city of Atlanta.

 Fear the Walking Dead has just aired its second season on Sunday night. Photo credit: Hey u guys
Fear the Walking Dead has just aired its second season on Sunday night. Photo credit: Hey u guys

The spin-off, however, is settled way back before the zombies’ overrun of the city and starts only with indications of strange behavior on people. Even if the prequel series of The Walking Dead has not yet found its rhythm as it was off to a slow start, the series proves to have potential for fans of the original show. Nevertheless, Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 2 will need more than clever ways to avoid zombies if the show wants to become nearly as good as the original.

According to showrunner Dave Erickson, the season lacked more excitement on its first episode of the second season in order to hook its audience. Something TWD knows plenty of, considering the incredible cliffhangers of the show as one season ended. The show, which recently aired the last episode of its seventh season, left fans anxious for the next season because it didn’t showed which character will end up being killed.

 A tough challenge to equal TWD standards

On the last episode of TWD, the main character Rick and his crew winded up being captured by The Saviors, their latest enemies in the series. Still, the prequel for TWD has failed to provide its audience with the kind of action and suspense the original series is known for. Even though Fear The Walking Dead has proven to take its own approach on the development of the plot as well as the dynamic of each episode, some action and unexpected deaths wouldn’t hurt its ratings.

TWD’s prequel however, can’t do much given that the show is situated years before the zombie outbreak, and its viewers are used to see Rick and his crew get out from complicated situations. Quality zombies can also be accounted as a fail of FTWD production, considering that there’s a noticeable downgrade from the original zombies.

And even when the downgrade of zombies’ deadly appearance could be explained by the early stages of the zombie outbreak, it seems as low budget for viewers. Nevertheless, the show has a promising feature as it could become gradually exciting as the plot develops. One thing that may hold up viewers through the current boredom of the show is the explanation for the zombie virus and how it could propagate across the world.

Source: Hollywood Reporter