The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has raided the Vigo County School Corp. in Terre Haute, Indiana. Agents were present at the offices on Wednesday morning but did not offer further details about the investigation. The school received three search warrants.

FBI spokeswoman Cathy Burton said the bureau is “conducting investigative activity in Terre Haute area,” according to Indiana Public Media. The Vigo School was given search warrants to investigate three different places.

FBI raids Vigo County School Corp
The FBI raided the Vigo County School Corp in Terre Haute, Indiana, as the school received three search warrants. Credit: TribuneStar

Agents searched around the administration building, the information technology center and the facilities support building, according to school lawyer Chuck Rubright. He added that the corporation is currently collaborating with federal agents.

The Vigo County School Corp issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that law enforcement officials have not targeted any employee, but the corporation would “fully cooperate” with the federal bureau.

The Board of School Trustees had a private reunion to discuss classified records

At around 9:20 a.m., agents roped off the parking lot area. By 10:45 a.m., the School Superintendent Danny Tanoos abandoned the building but refused to speak with reporters, said the Indiana Public Media.  

Employees at the school corporation said that workers had to leave their offices for four hours, most of them went home. The Board of School Trustees had a private meeting at 4 p.m. The schedule said they were going to discuss records “classified as confidential by state.”

“With respect to any individual over whom the board has jurisdiction, to receive information concerning the individual’s alleged misconduct and to discuss, before determination, the individual’s status as an employee or an independent contractor who is a physician,” said the schedule, according to Indiana Public Media.

The FBI reportedly removed some items from the buildings

The FBI was also searching for other establishments in Terre Haute, which has a population of 61,025 inhabitants. FBI agents left the building seven hours after the school was raided. Some of them were carrying boxes.

News 10 said that officers withdrew at least 40 boxes from the building. Some of them reportedly contained computers towers. The FBI is apparently contacting all businesses related to the Vigo County School Corporation.

The tape was removed at around 5:21 p.m. According to News 10’s Hunter Petroviak, officers refused to talk to the media. The Indiana State Police was also involved in the investigation, although it did not add further details.

The Indiana State Police is ‘only assisting the case,’ but wouldn’t answer inquiries about the investigation

Sergeant Joe Watts issued a tweet saying that The Indiana State Police is receiving calls about the FBI investigation at the Vigo School Corporation. He requested people interested in the case to call the Federal Bureau of Investigation since the police are “only assisting.”

Media reported having called the FBI offices and the Department of Education in Indianapolis. No institution offered further details about the FBI raid. The case will be updated in the coming days.

Source: Indiana Public Media