American basketball player Stephen Curry presented the latest version of the Curry 2 Low shoes. Fans immediately panned the “Chef Curry” shoe edition with cruel jokes.

Social media users extremely mocked Steph Curry’s latest Under Armour shoe labeling them as a vanilla style for the one who currently hold the first unanimous MVP in NBA history.

The Curry 2 Low “Chef Curry.” Credit: Renarts

The basketball star has his shoe line with the brand Under Armour. The company released on Thursday its latest new shoe, and it has been sharply criticized by fans.

By social media, fans have compared the all-white shoes as the perfect accessory “for dads or grandpas”.

Even more, some social media users have written on Twitter that the shoes seem to be “a nurse sneaker.”

The Chef Currys were not well receiving because of their dull and simple appearance. Fans were used to stunning shoes and this time they consider the new version should not be released.

Curry and Under Armour alliance

In 2013, Under Armour signed the Golden State Warriors superstar after Nike rejected Curry’s design of a shoe with a verse from the Bible on it. Under Armour offered a contract worth close to $4 million per year and the first Curry signature, the Curry Two Shoes, was released in February 2015.

Curry’s shoe line has been so successful that it has carved out an impressive and significant spot in the shoe industry. It seems like Under Armour amazing sales are the result of Curry’s exploits on the playground and the quick fame the superstar has reached.

However, this time, the “Chef Curry” version has not been well received among Curry’s fans because people argue that the shoes are “no-flair” and the all-white appearance only does not match on what is expected to project the essence of such a remarkable player. Even if the Curry Two-line has positioned Under Armour among the most valuable shoe brand in the market, it seems that this time the story won’t be repeated.

Source: CBS Sports