California – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) announced on Wednesday a beta version of a Facebook SDK for tvOS, which is Apple’s TV software. An SDK is a software development kit that allows the creation of apps for a specific platform, according to AppPresser. The new Facebook integration will allow users log in to their accounts on their Apple TVs, which will make the process easier than ever.

It is known that the authentication process of the Apple TV require users to put their password information every time they add a new application using a complicated on-screen keyboard that it’s divided by caps, one for letters, one for numbers and another for special characters.

The new Facebook integration will allow users log in to their accounts on their Apple TVs, making the process easier than ever. Credit: Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg’s company will provide a significant solution, their beta version of the Facebook SDK for tvOS will allow users generate a personal 8-character confirmation code on a smartphone or computer to be put on screen. That being said, users won’t need to type their usernames and passwords with the Siri Remote.

Apple has not released yet an iPhone app to manage Apple TV. Notwithstanding the new Siri Remote process voice commands it has not been enabled for text field input. Facebook SDK will fit perfect for users who want to log in quicker as Facebook can save information of Netflix accounts or HBO GO accounts.

Developers can already download the SDK from Facebook’s developer site. The company stated in their website the SDK can be used for analytic purposes, statistics and users data, which will be a great plus for app creators.

The software will also permit users to share links, photographs, videos, statuses and game high scores with friends with a new share function that allows the Facebook integration. YouTube app on the Apple TV already used the same process, and Android TV also uses the mechanism for its devices to make logins easier. So it seems this login process will be here to stay.

The giant social network which has 1.55 billion active users monthly and 1.31 billion mobile active users implemented later this month Apple Music into Facebook’s feed. The new feature called Music Stories allow users share music tracks that auto-play on their timeline. People can also share artists information, listen to tracks or buy them directly from Facebook’s site.

Apple declared last month to CNN Money they have sold 25 million units. The gadget that started as a hobby for Steve Jobs has now integration for Siri, iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Apple TV (fourth-generation) is available from Apple at $149 for 32GB models and $199 for 64GB.

Source: Facebook