The social media’s texting application has unveiled a new hidden game for its mobile users. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) customers are now able to shoot hoops with friends by typing the basketball emoji on the platform and sending it to others.

The popular social network messaging app has introduced a new secret mini game that entertains users by allowing them to shoot basketballs through a hoop. The game consists in a simple shooting game, once the player makes 10 field goals the background starts to move, upgrading the game’s difficulty.

Facebook Messenger hides a mini basketball game that users can play with friends by typing the basketball emoji on the platform and sending it to others. Credit:

Users are able to play with friends and challenge them to a basketball shooting competition to see who can get more hoops in a row.

To activate the game, users will only need to type the basketball emoji on their keyboard and send it through Facebook Messenger to friends. To load the game, the user must tap the emoji.

Facebook Messenger has been available since 2011 and has evolved by adding new features every now and then. The application has included several features to enhance the user’s experience.

The application allows users to text, make video calls, call Uber ride support and now it even offers a virtual assistant.

This is not the first time the messaging app has included a mini-game in its features. On 2015, the app launched a chess game that allowed users to play with others by simply typing @fbchess play in the message box.

The mini-game comes along with the celebration of College Basketball’s March Madness becoming the first sport in people’s mind for this NBA season.

Source: The Independent