San Francisco – Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter said on Friday that the 140-caratecter limit on the social network is not going anywhere. After rumors that the company might extend the limit to 10,000 characters, Dorsey dispelled them saying “it’s staying.”

Dorsey spoke to Matt Lauer and Carson Daly on the Today show on Friday where he was asked about the rumors. He immediately said they were not true.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the social network’s 140-character limit is not going anywhere. Credit:

“It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity. It’s (140 characters) staying. It’s a good constraint for us, and it allows for of-the-moment brevity. We’re changing a lot. We’re always going to make Twitter better,” Dorsey said.

Some fans began protesting when they heard the company might expand the character limit to 10,000 saying the 140-character limit is a unique identifier of the social network. They claim that expanding it could change the way Twitter conversations work. But it seems that it is not really anything to worry about.

Twitter does not censor user content

During the interview on the Today Show, Dorsey was also asked about the accusations that the social media censors its users by just letting them express in 140 characters. But he insisted the social media platform does not censor user content, despite suspicion suggesting otherwise.

He said Twitter has always been about controls and that people can follow whoever they want. He also noted that the company’s job is to make sure they see the most important things.

The CEO also mentioned he is very concerned about the tweets that promote violence. He ensured these kinds of posts are against the company’s terms of service.

He also said Twitter took very seriously the video made by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS that singled out him and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for taking stands against terrorist activity on their social networks.

Source: TechCrunch