Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), will launch a satellite into space, in order to supply internet access to large parts of sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership with Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL), a French-based satellite provider, the spaceraft will be put into orbit by 2016, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Monday.

Facebook’s ‘internet.org’ project, that was announced two years ago, has been working on the idea of using aircraft and satellites in order to provide internet for several communities directly from the sky.

The popular social network is targeting remote regions, where the technologies have usually not improved, and consequently the connections are often poor.

“I’m excited to announce our first project to deliver internet from space. As part of our Internet.org efforts to connect the world, we’re partnering with Eutelsat to launch a satellite into orbit that will connect millions of people.” Zuckerberg stated in his official Facebook account.  

Partnership with Eutelsat

As Zuckerberg said, Facebook and Eutelsat will launch a brand new satellite named “AMOS-6”. The spacecraft is currently under construction but it will be ready to be launched in the upcoming year. The AMOS-6 will provide internet access to large parts of West, East and Southern Africa. Also, Facebook will work along with local partners in these regions to help the different communities to use the internet services provided by the satellite.

“This is just one of the innovations we’re working on to achieve our mission with Internet.org. Connectivity changes lives and communities. We’re going to keep working to connect the entire world — even if that means looking beyond our planet.” Zuckerberg concluded.

On the other hand, Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat Chairman and CEO, stated “We are excited by this opportunity to accelerate the deployment of our broadband strategy and to partner with Facebook on a new initiative to prove Internet access services in Africa. Eutelsat’s strong track record in operating High Throughput Satellite systems will ensure that we can deliver accessible and robust Internet solutions that get more users online and part of the Information Society.”

Source: Eutelsat Communications