Facebook announced that they will discontinue its support for photo syncing, and instead, they are asking users to back up their images downloading the Moments app.

Moments app automatically sync the photos from the phone of the user to a separate Facebook album, in which they can view and edit photos, and then decide to share them with selected friends privately. This feature was launched in 2012 and has gained much strength in iOS users in the recent months, due to the Facebook notifications and the integration with Messenger.

Credit: Tech Crunch

When a new photo was uploaded with the app, friends who were authorized to see the album received a text message in the messaging application. This was the main reason for the rapid adoption of the Moments app, since the authorized friends who wanted to see the photo, had to install the feature.

The network revealed that on January 10 the service would be closed. Users that previously had the application received a notification that took them to the page of the update.

 “On Jan. 10, your backed-up photos will move to Moments, and photo syncing on Facebook will end. Moments is a new app from Facebook that lets you organize and privately share photos,” According to Tech Times.

The users who move to Moments will have access to the photos previously synced to Facebook without having to worry about losing their backed-up images. Those users who don’t want to use Moments app, Facebook provides them the ability to download a ZIP file with all their snapshots. However, once the service is closed, without having downloaded the app, the photos will be deleted.

Moments is available to download for iOS and Android for free.

Source: Tech Crunch