San Francisco – The F8 conference held by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) on Tuesday in San Francisco was set to entice developers as it released new tools for them to improve users’ experience on the web. The newly introduced developer tools are focused on improving the way web developers have to address many problems and guide them towards profitable possibilities.

The main feature is called Account Kit, and it allows users to sign up for an app using neither their Facebook account nor any unsafe information. People can sign up to Account Kit by using their phone number or any e-mail address, as it needs a way to confirm the user’s activity.

The main feature exposed at Facebook’s F8 conference was the Account Kit, which allows users to sign up for an app using neither their Facebook account nor any unsafe information. Credit: IT News

Considering the rapid growth of apps for smartphones, the new tools are expected to create a positive impact for developers, as well as users. Nevertheless, the new tool has been already proven to be a success after an Indian music service exponentially increased its signups while using Account Kit. The music service called Saavn grew 33 percent in a matter of minutes thanks to Facebook’s new tool.

It’s worth noticing that this tool could help expand Facebook’s current record for top apps, which is now up to 80 percent. Taking into account the social media company giant has already invested a great deal on developers, Facebook expects them to not only enjoy the new tools released on Tuesday but also create their own.

Quote Sharing and updated Facebook’s Analytics For Apps

Now, the second tool announced in the F8 conference held in San Francisco was Quote Sharing, and it does exactly what its name says. The plug-in for web and mobile sites was released in order to enable developers to create something like Facebook’s news feed, yet focused on emphasizing a quote.

This new tool allows developers to add a “quote button” on the website thus making it easier for people to put up their favorite quotes with ease. Amazingly enough for developers, Facebook is allowing them to have a better understanding of users thanks to an update to Facebook’s Analytics For Apps.

This gives moderate information about users in a secure way, for developers to target users according to their interests and more. The new tools introduced to the analytics system from the social media company giant is sure to bring developers one step closer to get the most out of websites. In addition, Facebook also released push in-app notifications, which would allow developers to bring an improved experience for users as well.

Source: IBT