The largest electronic entertainment exposition E3 is getting closer. But the panorama has changed due to advances in media interaction as Facebook and Google are setting great effort towards developing Virtual Reality hardware. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will have to excel to bring innovation to the table. The E3 entertainment exposition will be held at LA’s Convention Center on June 11. The exposition will last three days and it will be hosting over 45,000 people.

There are many challenges that gaming companies have to overcome as technology leaps forward with every passing year. Nintendo finds itself in a though position, as it is a company that always looks into releasing an innovative gaming console.

Over 45,000 members of the electronic entertainment industry will be attending to the E3 convention later in June
Over 45,000 members of the electronic entertainment industry and media will converge on the Los Angeles Convention Center to attend E3. Image Credit: Legit Reviews

But the much-anticipated Nintendo NX console is set to land on rough grounds. As it must deal with the apparent failure of Nintendo’s Wii U.

Nintendo’s releases

The company has already stated they will be releasing some information about the new console known as Nintendo NX. Rumors suggest the console will be a hybrid, allowing gamers to either stream the console to a large screen or to play it just by holding its controls.

Although it is confirmed that players and gaming enthusiasts will get to know a bit more about Nintendo NX, Nintendo seems to have set its objectives towards individual games.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is yet to be released, for instance. As Zelda is one of the most anticipated games of the console and one of the classics. Nintendo expects to not only reveal further details about the game, which is said to contain open-world interaction. But also, gamers may be able to see the game at Nintendo’s booth during this year’s E3.

The new Nintendo NX is set to compete with Sony and Microsoft.
The new Nintendo NX is set to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One could be facing a worthy oponent this year. Image Credit: Pocket Lint

Gamers have been waiting for the new Legend of Zelda for quite a while; many argue that the game may not perform as well as the company expects, but that is still to be proven as The Legend of Zelda is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

Producer Eiji Aonuma commented that the game’s exploration mechanics allowed developers to discover even more features that they haven’t though of before, so a prolonged development process had to take place in order to create the best game possible. The game is set to be released on 2017, but it was confirmed by Nintendo that it will be present at this year’s gaming conference.

Sony and Microsoft

On the other side of gaming, there’s Playstation and Xbox. Sony has not said much about its next console, referred to as PS4.5 or PS4 Neo by fans. It is expected to be an improvement over the PS4’s hardware abilities. The next gaming console from the hands of PlayStation might provide a much better performance for its games. It is supposed to be released on Q4 this year, but gamers can expect at least a partial announcement at E3.

Microsoft lies as the silent giant as the company has not released any information regarding future major releases. Many speculate that the company is preparing, just like Sony, on an improved version of the Xbox One. In spite of rumors, it was stated by Microsoft Xbox associates that there are no plans towards developing an ‘Xbox One and a Half.’

This year’s E3 is set to take place at June 13th at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Source: Neurogadget