The long-awaited 2018 Academy Award ceremony, which will be telecasted on March 4, already has set a chain of controversial opinions. With numerous new voters that came due to the increasing needs for diversity, the voting table is expected to be fair and impartial.

Some films have been criticized for making it to the list of the nominees, while other people are focused on the #MeToo movement that is thought to “cloud” the night.

This year’s Oscar for Best Picture trophy is a highly awaited one, since the list that makes up the nominees is filled with an enormous variety. Every single movie is different from the other, and sets expectations as high as it can get.

The #MeToo ‘cloud’

Many analysts have mentioned the scandals that involve the Academy, including the #OscarsSoWhite that demanded the institution implement changes in its voters. However, these all went under the table since the #TimesUp and #MeToo campaigns overshadowed other controversial subjects.

The 2018 Academy Awards, The Oscar for the Best Picture, Politics and sexual misconduct
The Academy Awards will take place this March 4. Image credit: Getty

Unfortunately, as many sources have stated, the ceremony marks the end of an awards-season eclipsed by the Harvey Weinstein scandal – such as other several accusations of sexual misconduct, held against a wide range of high-profile show-business and media figures.

Considering the Brit Awards guests who wore white rose pins, just as the Golden Globes A-list attendees that wore black to support women who have spoken about sexual predators in the industry, it is highly presumable to expect yet another trend that will claim to support the #MeToo wave as well.

Tim Grant, from Variety magazine, noted that the Oscars used to be an “honor club” that only gave attention to those who actually won the trophy. This differs from the current situation where uncomfortable questions are being asked – something that prior generations had but did not deal with.

Politics and the Best Picture as the main topics

The 2018 Academy Awards, The Oscar for the Best Picture, Politics and sexual misconduct
Jimmy Kimmel will host the 2018 ceremony. Image credit: Getty

Lately touched in comedy, the main topic of discussion is going to be politics. Among this, analysts expect that the hosts will address the relationship between Hollywood and President Trump’s administration.

Another topic remarkably cited by everyone is the one surrounding the prestigious Best Picture award. This year, among the nine nominees at the Oscars, Dunkirk did the best at the Guild Awards. Following the Nolan steps, The Shape of Water won the second place with nine guilds.

However, considering the social critique portrayed by the film Get Out, it was thought to be a strong contender in other categories. Its different and unique style represented, according to media, a strong contender on the Best Picture competence as well.

Source: CNN