The European Grand Prix will be taking place this weekend in the Republic of Azerbaijan, at its capital Baku. Ex-journalists of the Republic are using the Grand Prix’s route to call out corruption and political fights, that have happened in locations of the race.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the Transcaucasian region between Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe, having Russia at is north, Georgia to the northwest, Armenia to the west and Iran to the south.

The layout of the exciting new Hermann Tilke-designed Baku European Grand Prix street circuit. Image Credit: Telegraph
The layout of the exciting new Hermann Tilke-designed Baku European Grand Prix street circuit. Image Credit: Telegraph

The Republic has been facing an obstruction to freedom of speech and press freedom, many journalists of the Republic have had to choose between prison or exile because of political pressures on the media.

Since 1992 journalists have died fighting for their cause,  an independent online outlet called Meydan TV reports and informed the situation in the republic, is formed by former journalists that fight for freedom of speech.

On April of the current year, Azerbaijani authorities started a criminal investigation against the portal because of the constant harassment the site had initiated against local governments. Now journalists of the site are using the Grand Prix as an eye-opener to the situation in the republic.

Historical sightings are also repression sites

From Friday jun3 17th to Sunday, June 19th tourists, public figures, and government authorities will be enjoying the celebration of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe.  Organizers have chosen a race that passes great historical scenery and architecture of Baku.

The seaside track includes buildings from the 12th century in a circuit of 6.003 kilometers, and racers will have to endure 51 laps passing through notable sightseeing locations and the government’s house.

The independent online site Meydan TV has created a map of the same route published by the Formula 1 organizers, showing historical repression sites, protesters gathering locations, massive leveled-corruption scandals that occurred in the area and luxury hotels that are believed to be owned by the president and his family.

“We brainstormed and realized that we can connect every landmark in the race to an event where the regime cracked down or tried to consolidate power. We knew that the government of Azerbaijan would have a huge PR campaign for the event, and we thought that the people who have been deprived of their voices needed their stories told,” said Aaron Ismailova director of Meydan TV told Foreign Policy.

The independent website describes the happenings in every location the Formula 1 race will pass, from start to end, the map depicts the historic event and repression sites as it serves as a way for the opposition to express what’s happening in their country.

Source: Meydan