For a couple of hours, a significant part of America tuned in the most televised show of the year: The final of the Super Bowl LII. On Sunday, we saw how the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, something that a lot of people didn’t expect. Likewise, we also watched the three-time Grammy winner Pink sing the national anthem, and the American singer and dancer Justin Timberlake perform in the halftime.

Just like the Eagles beating the Patriots, other moments really amazed the country and the entire world.

Let’s start with Pink spitting out what at first looks to be gum, and then cleared that was only a “throat lozenge.” This actually seems logical, since she’s been battling with the flu she got thanks to her kids, who “literally cough” into her mouth – as she graciously wrote in capital letters two days ago.

However, although she had some ups and down, we cannot argue anything against her. She’s today one of the most recognized and celebrated female artists in the entire music industry. And, as she said, she had even waited for that moment since she saw Whitney Houston do the same in 1991. Fortunately, she didn’t let herself down. Pink stood up in front of the public and the cameras. She rose her gaze, beat the high note, and came clean with her audience.

Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, Justin Timberlake tribute to Prince, Janet Jackson nipple, Pink spits gum thanks to the flu
Pink singing the National Anthem. Image credit: Getty Images

Likewise, we noted the Chrysler’s Dodge Ram Truck Commercial and the use of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech – which the family then condemned.

As Dr. King’s youngest daughter, Bernice King, and the rest of his siblings wrote on The King Center’s twitter account, the entity does not approve any use of MLK’s words for “merchandise, entertainment (movies, music, artwork, etc.) or advertisement.”

But although the Chrysler’s Commercial was highly criticized, Justin Timberlake even overcame it.

Justin Timberlake halftime performance

Mr. Timberlake, who’s a pretty significant artist, was affected by different events and thoughts.

People remembered the 2003 halftime, where he performed alongside Miss Janet Jackson. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of removing his right bra, leaving Jackson’ nipple entirely free – straight in front of all the recording cameras, which were transmitting to millions of homes.

This did not affect Mr. Timberlake’s career at all, but Ms. Jackson’ career took a tumble. This event did not only cost millions of dollars back then to the NFL but impulsed a ban to Michael Jackson’s sister inside and outside the industry.

That problem has followed her ever since. But on last month, the recently-released “Man of the Woods” album artist wrote that he had made amends with Ms. Jackson.

Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, Justin Timberlake tribute to Prince, Janet Jackson nipple, Pink spits gum thanks to the flu
Justin Timberlake performing while wearing a deer shirt. Image credit: Getty

Of course, Twitter responded creating two hashtags: #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay, and #JusticeForJanet. Both were trending throughout the performance.

Without mentioning the outfit Timberlake wore – which social media also made fun of -, he also impressed people while showing his impressively-successful, 20-year-career-performance.

In the middle of it, he sat on the piano and played Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U,” with footage of the late icon’s 80s projected behind him.

Source: The Washington Post