An Allegiant Air plane reported an emergency landing on Fort-Lauderdale-Hollywood  after severe turbulence struck the aircraft.

The plane was taking a flight between Punta Cana International Airport to Pittsburgh. However, around 1:37 pm (Eastern Time) the turbulence made the plane emergency-land.

As seen above, an image of the moment passengers realized there was going to be an emergency landing in the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Pittsburgh. Image Credit: ABC News
As seen above, an image of the moment passengers realized there was going to be an emergency landing in the flight from Punta Cana to Pittsburgh. Image Credit: ABC News

The pilot managed to land the plane safely and affected passengers were provided with hospital care.A spokesperson for Allegiant Air spoke on behalf of what happened, assuring passengers were well taken care of.

Minor injuries in the incident

The flight was a service that operated for Apple Vacation and transported passengers from Punta Cana to Pittsburgh. Yet the plane had to land at Hollywood International Airport.

Allegiant Air spokesperson informed that “ Three passengers and two flight attendants from Flight  7001 have been transported to the hospital. In addition, initial reports from our crew indicate that it was unreported moderate clear air turbulence that caused the injuries,” said the spokesperson on a press release.

After the plane managed to land, all passengers were provided with medical intervention to check their status. After leaving the plane, some passengers described the happening as a near death experience.

The plane is said to have experienced ‘regular turbulence after facing a more hard one that caused the plane to be nose-down for some minutes.

A couple of passengers told CBS News their experience on the plane.

“ We were experiencing normal turbulence and suddenly the plane just did a nosedive. It felt like I was on a roller coaster just going down,” said Malachi Witt a passenger of the flight.

As the plane experienced turbulence, items of the passengers were flying around the craft. After landing, non-injured patients were provided with a re-scheduled flight and shifts to their assigned gate.

The airline is currently investigating and inspecting the plane. While looking for possible damages to the craft, this caused a re-schedule on all of Allegiant Air Flights for  the day.

Source: CBS News