Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith is a marketing professional who years of experience who fully understands the different ways that your team can stand out. For example, he recently discussed how COVID-19 impacts the marketing world and ways you can stand out during this difficult time. His advice is relatively straightforward but effective for companies who find themselves struggling now.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Answers the Question: Is Your Marketing Working in the Face of Covid-19?

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Examines How COVID-19 May Impact Your Marketing

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses over the last year in ways that were hard to predict. For example, the International Monetary Fund stated that global growth in 2020 fell by about minus-three percent, the first time negative growth has occurred in many years. Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith has seen this lack of growth impact many companies, including marketing firms.

However, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith also knows that many of these advertising firms remained open and are even thriving in this new environment. Although marketing spend has gone down significantly in some quarters, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith also knows that overall spending has remained consistent in many others. But just how is COVID-19 impacting your marketing?

First of all, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith states that outdoor or radio advertisements are likely less effective because people are driving less and less. Negative advertisements (or marketing that tries to make the viewer feel inadequate without owning a product) are not working well now because people need encouragement more than ever. Thankfully, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith knows strategies that help you gauge your marketing effectiveness.

Digital is Everything in the COVID World, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Says

Before completely changing your marketing approach, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says it is vital to get an independent assessment of its effectiveness from an outside source. Sit down with an analysis team to get a look at how well your digital content is spreading. Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith suggests focusing heavily on social media marketing and other types of advertising campaigns.

Digital marketing is so essential right now, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says, because people stay at home, play on their phones and computers, and order online delivery in significant ways. The only businesses truly thriving during this time are those with a delivery model. And Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith emphasizes expanding your digital marketing concepts to meet these unique goals.

So it is crucial to pay attention to creating high-quality content that provides real benefits. You must also pay attention to the reach of your social media profiles, what people are saying about your company, and utilizing online marketing to stand out. Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith says that riding this digital wave into the future is critical for companies looking to thrive in this new environment. And your message should be positive and encouraging. People need a pat on the back right now, and your marketing can help them feel a little bit better.