The Walk of Fame star with Donald Trump’s name on it has received a rough treatment by being vandalized with a spray-painted Nazi swastika, dog feces and many other acts of rejection. The star was awarded to Trump in 2007 thanks to his show The Apprentice, for having contributed enormously to T.V. media and entertainment. But now it is the target of American civilians and canines due to his rebellious presidential campaign.

A star has never been removed from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, but many fake rumors spread about the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce wanting to get rid of the landmark. To this, Hollywood Walk of Fame officials have asserted that each star is “part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame,” which is why they have never agreed on the matter. Now, it is not strange to see the star being covered in graffiti, reading comments like “racist,” “Trump is a crump” and “Don’t vote (Donald Trump).”

Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star has been heavily vandalized over the last days. Credit:

People’s reaction

There are hundreds of tweets displaying public despise towards Donald Trump’s star. Although it is different to rally a protest and express discontent against Trump’s campaign, vandalizing the landmark and giving the star “the finger” is one of the most widely witnessed and reenacted activities along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, at least, these past few weeks.

Many people have criticized Trump for his radical views, and people are deliberately going to Los Angeles to pay Trump’s Walk of Fame star a dishonorable visit. You can find photos of Spider-Man joining pedestrians by flipping off the star, dogs laying waste next to Donald Trump’s name, spit, paint sprayed mute signs on the star and many other clear displays of disgust.

Tensions can only be expected to rise as Trump’s campaign maintains its controversial stance and the presidential election comes closer. But regarding the star, the Hollywood Historic Trust has stated that they will proceed to prosecute anyone who incurs in major damages against the landmark, being required to pay for its restitution.

Source: People