In the past, it was simply accepted that your teeth would fall out by the time you reached old age. Of course, this wasn’t always the case but, for many people, it was.

Discovering The Truth: Is Invisalign as Effective as Braces?

Today, an increasing number of people are aware of the importance of oral hygiene and how it can help you to keep your teeth into old age. The number of older people losing their teeth is decreasing.

That’s not all. Thanks to the Hollywood smile, people are becoming more aware of their teeth and how good they could look. This has led to an increased interest in braces that can straighten your teeth. More adults than ever before are wearing braces; it’s no longer just a teenage thing.

How Braces Work

Braces are surprisingly simple but effective. The traditional brace consists of small metal plates that are adhered to your teeth. A special glue is used to ensure no damage is caused to your teeth. Each of the metal plates is connected to each other with a small piece of wire. This wire is set by your dentist to slowly reposition the teeth. It does this by applying pressure to them, allowing them to slowly move into a more attractive position.

The process usually takes 12-24 months and the wire is tightened regularly by the dentist.

It’s a cost-effective option and produces great results.

Issues With Standard Metal Braces

The most common issue with standard braces is a lack of desire to smile. This is particularly an issue for children that are worried about what others will say about their mouth is full of metal.

This can result in an unwillingness to smile and a reduction in self-confidence. Lacking confidence is hard at any age but potentially more difficult when you’re a child.

The other common issue with traditional braces is that it can be harder to clean your teeth. Food debris can collect around the brace plate. It can be difficult to remove properly, that’s why parents should monitor children’s brushing habits to ensure their teeth are cleaned properly. You don’t want the brace straightening the teeth only to find your child has lots of cavities.

The Invisalign Option

Despite the desire to improve the look of your teeth, any adults are still reluctant to flash a mouth of metal while trying to get the perfect smile.

In response to this, you’ll find dental practices across the country that offer Invisalign. Reputable practices, such as Little Bay Invisalign will still offer a traditional approach if necessary.

The Invisalign system is a more modern approach to braces. In the first instance, your mouth will be scanned and a computer-generated image is produced. This allows the dentist to move the teeth to their perfect position on the computer.

They can then calculate how long it will take to move the teeth and how many Invisalign braces will be needed. Once the calculations are done the first brace will be fitted

You’ll be monitored and the braces replaced as necessary.

The main difference with the Invisalign system is that a plate is made that slips inside your mouth, pushing the teeth gently into the right position. This type of brace is invisible because it’s made of clear plastic. This removes the concerns about smiling while wearing a brace and potential confidence issues.

The braces can be removed at any time. In fact, they have to be removed before you eat and you’ll need to remove them at least once a day to clean them thoroughly. This prevents food debris from being caught in the brace and potentially causing teeth issues.

The Invisalign tray will be changed when your dentist thinks your teeth have moved sufficiently to allow the next tray. Interestingly, this less invasive procedure actually speeds the time for your teeth to be realigned. Most Invisalign patients are done within 6-12 months.

In short, you’ll be able to wear the Invisalign brace without others knowing about it, making it a great option for adults and anyone who is self-conscious.

Issues With Invisalign

Invisalign is a different way of straightening teeth and helping to achieve the perfect smile. It is not more effective or less effective than the traditional metal brace. However, it may be faster and it makes it easier for anyone to look after their oral health while using the brace?

But, it’s not an advisable method for anyone with complicated orthodontic treatment needs. Your dentist can advise you regarding which approach is best and most likely to be successful.

You should also note that Invisalign is generally a more expensive option. This is because you need to have between 10-20 trays made for your mouth, as opposed to one set of metal plates. It’s a good idea to check what your insurance will cover before you commit to a type of brace.