A Lewis Carroll tale is once again taken to the big screen by Walt Disney Pictures: Alice Through the Looking Glass. The film was directed by James Bobin and produced by the renowned Tim Burton. The film premiere will be on May 27 this year.

James Bobin, known for directing The Muppets’s film series, is an english film director and producer. Notably, Bobin is working for the first time with Tim Burton, in this new fantasy-adventure film. Linda Woolverton was responsible for the script.

Through the Looking Glass’ plot

Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in U.S. theaters on May 27, 2016
Presented in Digital 3D, Real D 3D and IMAX 3D, Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in U.S. theaters on May 27, 2016. Image Credit: Nerd Reactor

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, Mia Wasikowska, who plays Alice again, will return to the world of Wonderland. The story resumes after spending about three years sailing the world as the captain of a merchant ship, through a magical glass.

Once there, she will travel back in time in order to help a depressed Mad Hatter who, is once again, played by Johnny Deep. To Alice, the solution for the Hatter’s depression is to find his family, who are presumed dead. Alice will turn to Time, played by Sasha Baron Cohen, in order to achive this mission.

This time, travel experience will allow Alice to discover many secrets about her friend’s past. Additionally, it will help her understand the reasons of their current personalities.

The Production for Alice in Wonderland sequel

Since December 2012 fans are expecting the premiere of  Alice Through the Looking Glass. For almost 3 years Walt Disney Pictures contacted the cast of the first Alice movie, released in 2010, and most of them will return in this film.

Most part of the film was filmed in England, mostly in Gloucester. About $170 million were invested in the making of the film.

The aesthetic of Alice Through the Looking Glass is very colorful, but in the Tim Burton’s way.  There are a lot of special effects and creative turns, and the castle of Time is a magnificent visual experience according to critics. Most reviews are focused on the visually achievements of the film.

An interesting mechanism for the movie’s promotion was to put interactive posters in Disneyland. The interactive posters featured Johnny Depp interacting with passers through a hidden camera in the poster. Depp performing the Mad Hatter, of course.

Alice in Wonderland was both praised and criticized, a good start for Disney’s franchise

The 2010 movie and first in this Alice “series” received mixed reviews. The film’s plot was severely criticized and the use of computer-generated images also created some reject among the audience. However, the visual style was an award-winning feature, that is most likely stay in this second film.

Alice in Wonderland took around $1 billion in revenues, wit Tim Burton as the director. Even though he is no longer directing the film, his production will leave its mark sufficiently visible enough to make it a Burton’s movie. 

Source: Huffington Post