So, you’ve been looking at engagement rings and are finally ready to propose. You’ve pored over dozens of ring sets and finally found the diamond ring that will make your fiancée-to-be to jump for joy.

Destination Proposal Ideas

Instead of a traditional dinnertime proposal, you may want to take your future spouse on a special vacation for a destination proposal. If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are a few tips.

Consider an RV road trip.

If you’re both more outdoorsy, taking a recreational vehicle (RV) for a spin across the United States could be the perfect ticket. With an RV, you can still explore beautiful sights and sounds without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you’re an RV owner or you’re simply looking to rent an RV, it’s a good idea to know about the service plan you have in place and get a rough idea of the nearest repair facility. Nothing would dampen a proposal like a mechanical failure that sets you back for hours. Sometimes, this means investing in a warranty plan.

What’s more? Having an RV extended warranty in place could save you from a lot of hassle. The warranty can often handle costs at a repair facility and make it so you’re liable for less of the cost on your service contract. Sometimes, you can even find a good deal on wholesale warranties, which can also help to cover RV repairs.

Just be sure to read through all of the fine print before you commit to a warranty provider or warranty company. You don’t want to be stuck with an exclusionary policy that doesn’t give you the ultimate peace of mind. Each RV warranty tends to work a bit differently, so if you need to get an extended RV warranty or vehicle service contract, make sure it’s the type of policy that covers all of your bases.

Incorporate nature.

Whether you’re proposing at a secluded seaside resort in Bali or saving the diamond ring for the top of a waterfall in Maui, bringing in a touch of nature can make a proposal that much more intimate. Of course, keep in mind that accidents happen and you might need an insurance policy for your ring.

Take it to the seas.

If you love the idea of a destination proposal but don’t want to do all the driving yourself, you could always consider a romantic getaway via cruise ship. From the calming sounds of the ocean to the all-inclusive dining and drink options, who wouldn’t say “yes” to a seafaring marriage proposal?

Bring in the family.

Sometimes, a destination proposal can be as simple as traveling to your loved one’s hometown to make sure all of their family and friends can witness this special moment. Believe it or not, small and simple is sometimes so much better than far-too-flashy, even when it comes to a wedding ring.

Don’t forget the ring.

Of course, no matter a proposal’s location, the ring is the most essential part. While you may be considering your standard diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band, try to think outside of the box a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a more traditional wedding ring, of course, but you could also think of something that speaks to your future spouse’s personality.

This is where custom engagement rings can be helpful. For instance, does your spouse-to-be love white gold or platinum? What if your fiancée-to-be is against the mining of natural diamonds? In that case, you could even consider a lab-created diamond wedding set.

Lab-created diamonds are becoming much more popular in recent years. Don’t mistake lab-created wedding band sets for materials like cubic zirconia or other diamond simulants that looks like clear stand-ins. A bridal set made in a lab is of a much higher quality and is made from the same materials as natural diamonds. These are incredibly high-quality products that can give you peace of mind when you’re ring shopping.

Whether you’re looking at a bridal set of unconventional rings or getting ready to travel the country in your new RV, there are many ways to make your destination proposal a little more exciting.