Charlie Sheen is being sued by his ex-wife Denise Richards, who claims he has become hostile and aggressive over the past few years. The court documents state that the actor isn’t following the stipulations in the trust he set up for his children. Richards has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against Sheen, saying she intends to purchase a new home for her and the two daughters she shares with him.

A source told People magazine Richards is taking action in order to protect Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, financially as she struggles with collecting child support at times.

Denise Richards sues ex-husband Charlie Sheen, regarding child support issues. Credit: Celebuzz

Richards’ lawsuit states that the Anger Management star had promised her and his daughters they wouldn’t be evicted if they moved into the house next door to him he had bought for them. The Drop Dead Gorgeous star agreed after taking into consideration his battle against HIV and his desire to improve his relationship with Lola and Sam.

But over the past few years, Sheen became contentious and even threatened to take away his daughter’s Christmas presents in 2013, according to Richards. She claims it was then when he began to threaten to evict them. The actress alleges he removed her and their children out of their home last September and forced them to rent a house for $15,000/month, which is why she is requesting the judge rule that her ex-husband has to pay $1.2 million to provide a new home for them.

The actress also alleges Sheen sent her and her daughters scathing text messages, including one to Lola Rose Sheen which apparently said, “B—- couldn’t act hot in a fire or wet in a pool.” People reported Sheen’s lawyer told the magazine those texts were intended for Richards.

“Denise is fighting for her children. This has nothing to do with her, the money is for her kids. This is about him providing for the children as he agreed to do,” Richards’ representative told E! News.

On the other hand, Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer has affirmed the lawsuit is all about “money, money, money” for the actress.

“It is very sad that she uses the children to get more money from Charlie and makes it almost impossible for Charlie to see his daughters”, declared Singer.

Sheen’s lawyer also said Richards has obtained $660,000 annual tax-free for nearly 10 years in child support payments, aside from $10 million from Sheen stemming from their divorce in 2005.

In 2001, Charlie and Denise began dating after her appearance in Spin City. They wed a year later and the actress filed for divorce while she was pregnant with Lola. In 2013, Richards took care of Sheen’s twin sons Bob and Max when Mueller was not in conditions to care for her kids due to her drug issues.

When Sheen revealed last November he had been diagnosed with HIV since 2011, he said he had been forced to pay $10 million to people who knew of his diagnosis in order to make them keep the secret. Denise, however, knew of his health conditions but was not paid to not talk about it, as a source told People.

Source: People