West Michigan-  The U.S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has confirmed the death of a new patient linked to the Wisconsin outbreak, due to the mysterious bacteria called Elizabethkingia anophelis. The blood samples from the deceased patient have confirmed to match the infection outbreak in Wisconsin.

The older adult from West Michigan had underlying health conditions and now its has been confirmed by the CDC, is the same case that has sickened 54 people in 12 Wisconsin Counties across Lake Michigan. The infection has spread across Milwaukee West to Madison and has contributed to 17 deaths.

The CDC has sent disease detectives to Wisconsin hoping they can find out the origins of the outbreak. Credit: TODAY’S TMJ4

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services ( DHS) is currently investigating the spread of the infection that has been reported in 54 patients, who are primarily older adults between the age of 65 and over. The infection has been reporting since Novembre 2015

The DHS was first alerted when six cases were reported during December and January, the bacteria Elizabethkingia anophelis, gets the name of scientist Elizabeth O. King who discovered the rare infection that has yet to confirm how it spreads.

Doctors are not sure if the death of the patients is due to the bacteria or health conditions of the older patients. Authorities are concerned because the bacteria is a hard to treat with antibiotics and resist the medication. The principal symptoms are fever, shortness of breath and chills.

“Elizabethkingia is a common organism found commonly in the environment. Normally it doesn’t make people sick, it’s just when you have something else going on, whether it’s immune-suppression from something like cancer treatment or some underlying health issue.” Said Melissa Brower a CDC spokeswoman in Atlanta.

CDC has confirmed that the bacteria has been found primarily among patients in hospitals or nursing facilities.

Source: MLive