After giving birth, you’re generally considered postpartum for the next six weeks, says Atlanta personal trainer David Reagan. Within the postpartum period, hormones shift to reflect that you’re no longer pregnant. Postpartum exercise can assist with hormone balance, give you an energy boost and improve your sleep quality. Of course, you won’t be jumping into exercise right after giving birth; so when is it safe to start? No blanket answer applies to everyone, but once your body has recovered from the trauma of childbirth, you’re generally in the clear.

David Reagan, an Atlanta Trainer, Answers: When Is It Safe to Start Working Out After Pregnancy?

How Long After Giving Birth Should You Wait Before Working Out?

After a healthy delivery, you can start working out at a very light intensity as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. In the first two to three weeks after delivery, it’s important to prioritize healing and recovery. Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby until 12 weeks after you’ve given birth. Until then, you can go for walks, try postnatal yoga or do floor exercises like pelvic tilts and leg lifts.

If you had any birth complications or underwent a C-section, be sure to ask your doctor when it’s safe for you to start working out.

What to Expect Working Out After Pregnancy

Many of the muscles in your torso shift and stretch during pregnancy, causing them to weaken in strength. Floor exercises isolating your abs and pelvic area can be particularly challenging post-baby, but these are the ones that will help you “get your body back.”

As long as you listen to your body and avoid lifting, the risk for injury from postpartum exercise is low. If you consistently exercise during your pregnancy, particularly toward the end of your last trimester, your post-baby workouts will come easier.

When to Start Exercising After Pregnancy

Rest assured, you can get your blood pumping with some light exercise even when you’re still postpartum. Remember to avoid lifting weights before 12 weeks post-birth, and clear it with your doctor if you’re recovering from birth complications or a C-section. Be sure not to push yourself too hard, explains David Reagan, Atlanta trainer. A little exercise goes a long way after your body has spent weeks in recovery.

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