When considering materials for your next construction project, AWP Wood Products recommends thoroughly reviewing the most common types of wood available. Using the right type will ensure your project’s longevity and structural stability.

AWP Wood Products Discusses Construction Wood Options

AWP Wood Products Reviews the Types of Construction Wood

When it comes to wood types used in construction, there are two categories to select from. Hardwood comes from a leaf-bearing tree, while softwood is taken from a cone-bearing tree. There are different options within these two categories, which is what you would look at when shopping for your project.


Softwoods are thin, lightweight, and best used for doors, furniture, or window frames. Softwood is often lighter in color, affordable, weather-resistant when it’s treated, and can last for over a decade.


This is a yellow or white softwood that can resist warping, swelling, and shrinking. It’s straight-grained and easy to stain or shape. However, it decays easily if left in contact with soil.


Cedarwood is one of the softest when compared to others in this category. Although it’s very soft, it has a very uniform texture and it can resist decay. It’s also resistant to insects, which makes it an ideal choice for lining boxes or drawers.


Firwood has a reddish-brown coloring and is much more durable than other softwoods. It is resistant to stains and maintains excellent shape and texture. Its often used to construct furniture.


According to AWP Wood Products, this is one of the stronger, harder materials from the choice of softwoods. In spite of its durability, it’s a lightweight wood commonly chosen for the construction of aircraft, ships, and cladding.


Hardwoods are considered dense, heavy and the best choice for support structures. These woods are darker in color and have a natural weather resistance. These materials can last for several decades, but they are the more expensive wood options. AWP Wood Products recommends these materials if longevity is your goal.


This is a hardwood with a number of properties that makes it suitable for a variety of applications. It is quite heavy, durable, and strong, as well as the warp, burn, and decay-resistant. This is often chosen for windows, doors, and outdoor furniture.


As one of the more commonly used hardwoods, the distinct grain finish is chosen for being heavy, strong, and resistant to fungus and moisture. It’s often chosen for household furniture construction.


This is another extremely popular material choice because it is strong and shock resistant. It’s also easy to clean, which makes it ideal for household furniture.

As AWP Wood Products knows, a type of wood will present significant advantages or disadvantages for your project. This will make certain types more suitable than others, whether you work with softwood or hardwood.