Don’t Worry! You Can Guard Your Small Company and Improve Security by Hiring a Part-Time Chief Information Officer.

Cybersecurity Concerns For Small Businesses

A CIO is someone who is responsible for the IT and data security for your business, and hiring a CIO could be an essential step for your business.

Laith Pahlawan, the owner of Orange County IT Services company, Orange Crew, hears it time and again: Small businesses or companies are the backbone of the economy. However, most small business owners are overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities that they take on when they open a business. As a business owner, you may feel a similar way. Learning and navigating each aspect of a business takes time, resources, and money that most small business owners simply do not have, but there could be help on the horizon.

Consider a Chief Information Officer

Hiring employees could be the next developmental step in growing your business, and hiring a Chief Information Officer (CIO) could be an essential step for your business. A CIO is someone who is responsible for the information technology (IT) projects and the data security for your business.

Today, information is seen as a highly valuable commodity. Having a CIO on your payroll doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, this position can be outsourced to an individual to work for your business on an as-needed or part-time basis. Hiring a part-time outsourced CIO allows small businesses to keep up with technology while protecting your business against outside threats such as data breaches and identity thief of your clients.

What a CIO can do for your company

Every day more data breaches occur putting clients and business’ information at risk. A part-time CIO can add value to your company by assisting in the following areas:

  • Expertise – An experienced CIO will have the knowledge and skill necessary to develop a strong safeguard against outside attacks and threats to your business’s information. Their skills allow you to learn and grow at a faster rate or allow you to take that responsibility off of your shoulders as a business owner.
  • Defense Against the Fall Out of a Breach – Enduring a data breach within your company takes time, stress, and has proven expensive. Each individual client’s record lost has the potential of costing hundreds of dollars, most small businesses simply will not be able to recover from a breach. We see businesses almost every day unable to regain their reputation or their economic standing from an informational breach and are faced with closing their doors.
  • Opportunity for Growth – A part-time CIO will be able to offer perspective in ways to adopt new technologies, streamline information or productions, and motivate change to better the business as a whole. When technology is added to an everyday business model, your small business could gain the reputation of being a leader in your industry, decrease costs, increase revenues, and develop or attract a larger client foundation.

Having a part-time CIO to assist with IT projects can spring your business to new heights, while allowing you as an owner to decrease stress while increasing knowledge, skills, development, and your personal free time. Protect your business against informational disasters by investing in a fractional CIO.