Adorable couple from Texas announces their pregnancy of not just one, but two babies. After struggling to conceive since 2014 and undergoing multiple fertility treatments, they posted an inspiring picture captioned with a touching message that sums up their journey.

Lauren and Garyt Walker, now 13 weeks pregnant with twins, began doing fertility treatments about two and a half years ago after they realized conceiving wasn’t going to be as simple as they initially thought. The young couple eventually started In-Vitro Fertilization when the first treatment failed.

Image Credit: Inside Edition

When the Walkers were told they were expecting boy-girl twin babies, Lauren thought about the best way to break the news. The mother-to-be decided to post an image via the social media-sharing site Facebook with a heartfelt message that told their story.

Other couples going through the same battle will find the message relatable. Mrs. Walker not only celebrated their blessing two times but also described the pain and fear they experienced and how they overcame the obstacles, as told by

The picture shows matching onesies surrounded by the 452 needles and empty drug bottles the couple used up during the 953-day treatment. Lauren confessed that when she took out the handful of needles to arrange them for the photograph, she broke out in tears as she saw two years of her life staring back at her.

Each one of those needles represented “a different day, a different path, a different emotion”, she wrote about the moment she felt was “surreal.” The couple had the two baby clothing items printed with the phrases “Worth the wait,” and “and wait and wait and wait.”

The first round of IVF produced 5 healthy eggs but Lauren miscarried each one of them. She revealed the hardest part about the whole process was going through the entire cycle only to lose the 5 embryos they had invested all their hope and their money in.

“I thought we were just never going to be able to have kids. I was in such a horrible state of depression, and confusion, anger and bitterness,” Lauren stated for

Lauren reflects on her tough ride saying that her faith was tested. But she never gave up because her heart told her not to. Now, she can say she came out through the other side stronger than ever, although not free of emotional scars that will forever remind her what it took to receive the two miracles.

On the first try of their second round of IVF they finally got what they had been waiting for.

She mentioned a few of the bumps and lumps put in her path but they only managed to make her more determined. Uterine septums, drug immunities, clotting issues were a few of the rare setbacks Lauren experienced. Her doctor said what made it even more odd was the fact that they were all present in her medical history.

Lauren said those road blocks prepared her to be the fierceful mother of soon-to-be-born baby twins.

Looking back, there were days she didn’t know how she made it through. Lauren has her friends and family to thank for support, God’s Holy Spirit and even strangers who prayed for them.

“The prize is not these twins. The prize is discovering new found faith. The GIFT is these twins,” Lauren clarified in her message.

Lauren specially acknowledged her husband’s unwavering spirit and patience. When she was abouth to break down, he’d always be there by her side to catch her and comfort her.

Lauren closed the post by welcoming little Duke and Diana with open arms and excitement. “You are already so loved,” said her awaiting mother.

Source: Inside Edition