Uber recently updated its app and now users can access its customer service from within the app. In the past, you would have to e-mail Uber’s staff to get in touch directly with them.

The announcement was made on March 30. The company has stated many times its ultimate goal is to create a service that is so good, you don’t need to contact customer service. But in the meantime, the board is investing a lot of money to improve its customer service. However, the e-mail system is not so bad. Uber set local teams to support clients in their areas and customers have reported that whenever they sent a mail to Uber’s staff, they answered within 2 hours, but the company has gone gigantic.

Now, Uber users can access the customer service directly from the company’s app. Credit: Forbes

There are millions of Uber petitions every day coming from 69 countries and isolated little support groups are not enough anymore. In a post, the company says they have been investing millions of dollars in creating a “global network of support centers.” Which means, they are linked, so whenever one of them solves a problem, they all can learn the method and keep track on the issues. The resulting database is a goldmine for any company that wants to improve their customer support.

“So we started to think about how we could better support our customers around the world. Over the last two years we have invested millions of dollars in a global network of support centers in Chicago (US), Phoenix (US), Limerick (Ireland), Krakow (Poland), Wuhan (China), Hyderabad (India) and Manila (The Philippines). We also wanted a better technical answer than just email. Email not only puts a lot of the work on you, the customer, it also doesn’t work in countries like China and India, where people increasingly don’t have email addresses,” reads the post on the Uber Newsroom.

How to use it

There is nothing to it, really. The interface is exactly the same. They basically added options to the app menu. Such as, “I lost an item”, “I need a copy of my receipt,” or “I had an issue with my driver.” Once selected, you just have to submit it and wait for the answer because you do receive a text message notifying your problem has been solved.

The drivers are a very important part of the company as well, and they will also have the possibility to use the app to communicate their problems.

The new addition does not mean that their e-mail support is no longer available. Both users and drivers can use the application and old school e-mails to get in touch with the support staff.

Source: Uber