English luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu announced its latest luxury device, named Constellation. It will be the first smartphone made by Vertu to feature dual-SIM functionality.

According to Vertu, one of the features that make the Constellation a luxury-grade smartphone is its “solid section of scratchproof, 140-carat 6th generation sapphire crystal. The Constellation will have access to iPass, a global Wi-Fi network. Also, the handmade phone will feature stereo frontal speakers with Dolby Digital Plus sound processing. Its build is based on aluminum and leather from a “family-run tannery in Italy.”

Vertu Constellation
Vertu Constellation. Image credit: Vertu.

Its cost is expected to be well over $1,000 even if the company has not announced a figure thus far. Reportedly, the Constellation will be available for purchase in specialized boutiques in mid-February.

Vertu Constellation: Specs and features

The Constellation will feature Android 6.01, a 5.5-inch high-definition display. It will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit multi-core processor with 4GB of RAM, paired with a 128GB expandable memory.

It will have a 12MP camera on the back and a 4MP frontal camera. Just like regular smartphones, the Vertu Constellation will have Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, a micro USB port, 4G/LTE access, and WiFi.

As a mean of comparison, a recent Vertu phone was the Aster Chevron, which was reportedly designed with affordability as one of its primary focus points, even if its list price was of $4,200. Image credit: Vertu.

There’s also the Vertu Signature Touch, whose cost can be as low as $10,000. A review by Engadget shows what features make these smartphones so expensive. One of these features appears to be a ruby button that is a signature of Vertu smartphones, which launches Vertu’s Concierge service, featuring offers and services exclusive to Vertu customers.

The Signature Touch has the signature of the craftsman laser edged on the underside of the micro SD slot’s cover. The native ringtones of the Signature Touch are recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, and as soon as the user plays them, they are reproduced through the phone’s stereo speakers, which just like the Constellation, are located on the frontal face of the device.

The Concierge is one of Vertu’s most interesting features, as it provides 24-hour worldwide assistance and priority bookings. It shows recommendations of gifts announced as things that “money-can’t-buy,” and admittance to events and experience exclusive to Vertu customers. There’s also Vertu’s Life app, which showcases a selection of “exclusive experiences that reflect your lifestyle and desires.”

On a different note, according to GSM Arena, the most popular smartphones ranked from first to tenth according to the number of daily hits they receive on the portal appear to be the following:

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek), 246,932

2. Nokia 6, 197,884

3. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, 107,944

4. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), 80,183

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, 76,875

6. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 61,024

7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, 60,602

8. Oppo F1s, 58,819

9. Vivo V5, 55,629

10. Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime, 51,330

Source: GSM Arena