Which of the business applications available today is offering the most business value, the best combination of cost and functionality? In this regard, business software offering true business value needs to address two crucial business objectives: providing valuable security and availability and offering easy access to business data. To address the first objective, we have evaluated the top cloud storage services of five leading providers to determine which offers the most business value based on the combination of value provided by each feature.

Cloud Storage: An Important Business Data Repair Tool

1. CrashPlan:

Among the first businesses to embrace cloud data backup, many are recognizing the value of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Today, users can find a free version of CrashPlan and begin helping themselves within minutes. The free converter show details on how easily a business data backup and recovery procedure can begin. In addition, users can access a full history of system failure logs and another system diagnostic information, along with an automated customer support desk that is always available.

2. Carbonite:

Among the first businesses to recognize the value of cloud-based business Veeam backup, Carbonite has taken steps to become an industry leader. At the time of this writing, the company is offering a free trial. In addition, Carbonite allows users to access an integrated remote desktop with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. This simplified remote access allows users to be up and running again in less than 7 hours, making Carbonite one of the fastest available.

3. Ease Of Use:

One of the primary selling points of Carbonite is its intuitive interface. It makes backing up and restoring business data easy, even for the least technologically savvy user. With just a few clicks, a user can quickly restore any number of computer files. In addition, Carbonite allows a business owner to restore both online and offline data. This allows a business owner to manage all backed-up data using one application. In addition, Carbonite supports encrypted data so a business owner is given the peace of mind that sensitive data is safe even when there is a data disaster.

4. Features Include Intrusion Detection and Prevention:

Carbonite’s intrusion detection and prevention technology are designed to protect against threats, ensuring data is kept private and safe. Carbonite uses two layers of security – its cloud storage and its data security technology. Carbonite’s cloud storage detects malicious attacks and does not save data in the user’s local hard drive. The data is instead sent to Carbonite’s secure data storage servers, located thousands of miles away from the user. Once at the secure servers, the data is safely backed up to a second hard drive. This second hard drive is always backed up, as well, ensuring a business owner can access and recover lost data even when traveling.

5. Scalability:

Because many businesses today are moving toward cloud-based recovery and security, businesses such as Carbonite must remain a leader in the industry. Carbonite offers business owners a scalable solution to their data backup needs. With Carbonite, a business owner does not need to completely rely on their own IT staff. Rather, if Carbonite’s third-party recovery and security staff should encounter an emergency, data is automatically recovered and maintained in a data center using the Carbonite Cloud platform.