It was disclosed that, in about a week, Captain America: Civil War managed to gross $261.6 million as it was released in international markets, including the United Kingdom and Mexico. Civil War also managed to become the top pre-selling superhero movie of all time according to ticket retailer Fandango.

Although this brings great expectations towards the movie, it doesn’t mean that it will be an instant classic; but according to reviewers, the movie is actually pretty good, as it managed to rank a whopping 92 percent off freshness on Rotten Tomatoes, based on over two hundred written reviews.

Captain America: Civil War managed to gross $261.6 million as it was released in international markets. Credit:

A war among heroes

The main conflict in Civil War comes from Tony Stark’s belief that superheroes should be held back, as he thinks that the safety of the world should not be in the hands of beings that can be set apart from regular humans; but Captain America thinks otherwise. The argument leads to the clash among several superheroes, where newcomers such as Spiderman and Black Panther join different sides according to their respective ideologies.

The movie lasts two and a half hours, thus becoming the longest Marvel movie to date; but the comic book giant did not go short on this one, as there are two additional post-credits scenes. One of the scenes puts a background on the forthcoming Black Panther movie, and the other is a hint towards the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie that is to be released on 2017.

Civil War aims to build up the events towards the second installment in the Avengers series, Infinity War. Although the movies are linked to each other, it was the task of the directors to render the movie enjoyable even to non-Marvel audiences.

The movie

Comic book movies always have to prove themselves to the fanbase, as there is an established lore that the movie should follow to some extent. The way directors handle the lore is what keeps fans motivated to see the new superhero movies; but even if the moviegoer is not a fan of comic books, or of superhero movies for that matter, there is a certain sense of enjoyment in watching the movie, as it portrays interesting plot themes such as it is the case on Civil War, where superheroes must weigh over matters of international security even if it is in a world of fantasy.

The film leaves several open questions, hoping that the viewers have subjects to discuss upon right after leaving the movie theater.

Source: Hollywood Reporter