Batting gloves are one of the most important elements of cricket equipment. You can have hand fractures and end up with broken fingers if you don’t have the right, sturdy batting gloves. Beginners of the cricket world, usually assume that the best batting gloves are the costly ones. However, the feel and the fitting of these gloves are what makes them the best and you can get amazing ones at online stores like Kookaburra Australia – Cricket Store. Also, you must know all about batting gloves, before you decide to buy one because you don’t want to end up buying a glove that isn’t for you.

Choosing the Best Batting Gloves for the Love of Cricket
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Types of Cricket Gloves:

There are 3 basic types of cricket gloves:

  • Cricket inner gloves
  • Cricket batting gloves
  • Cricket wicket keeping gloves

As the name suggests, they all vary according to the position you will be playing.

Cricket Batting Gloves:

Batting gloves are used by batsmen. These gloves offer protection to the player, securing them from blisters and providing comfort, warmth, outstanding grip, and shock absorption while hitting the ball, with their entire force.

These gloves are accessible in different sizes:

  • Boy size batting gloves
  • Youth sized batting gloves
  • Small boys batting gloves
  • Men sized batting gloves

The cricket batting gloves are further differentiated into types; traditional and modern ones.

Tradition batting gloves are heavier than the modern ones as they are filled with cotton. They lack finger cuts and only have single, full-length finger padding. On the contrary, modern batting gloves are advanced and more flexible. They are more functional when it comes to providing protection to hands. Likewise, these are more comfortable. This is because they have the right combination of ventilation, feel, and flexibility. If you like the shape of traditional batting gloves more, then you can get that exact shape in modern style ones too. However, the modern batting gloves are filled with foam instead of cotton which makes them lighter and thus, more comfortable to play with.

Finger Padding of Cricket Batting Gloves:

Finger padding material of cricket batting gloves plays a huge role in differentiating the gloves and making one superior to the other. When you are buying a glove, make sure that you check the finger padding material. Gloves only have two types of material in the finger padding; it is either foam or cotton. Foam is lightweight, in comparison with cotton and thus is more comfortable. Furthermore, if the glove has finger cuts, it provides more flexibility whilst playing and is a better choice to make.

Palm of the Cricket Batting Gloves:

Just as the finger padding, the palm of the gloves plays a huge role too. They are usually made up of cotton or leather. Cotton palms are a cheaper option and leather ones tend to be more comfortable and have the right amount of feel and ventilation in them.

Considering the material of the glove and the comfort that it provides, is the key to buying the right batting glove for yourself.