Chile soccer team defeated Panama’s eleven at the Lincoln Financial Field by a 2-goals difference. With a score of 4-2 Chile moves on to quarterfinals of the Copa America, and the Group D finally takes shape.

If Argentina wins the second game of the date, it would be the only team with 9 points in the whole tournament which would be a perfect ending for the total control the selection had in this first phase of the event. In fact, the only chance that Chile has to be at the top of the group is Bolivia beating Argentina with a 5-goal difference, and it would be safe to say that is almost impossible.

Eduardo Vargas (2-i), José Pedro Fuenzalda (2-d) y Alexis Sánchez (d) de Chile celebrating after scoring against Panamá. Image courtesy of Luis Tejido / EFE.

Today’s game at the Lincoln Financial Field was very exciting. Chile got sloppy at the beginning and made a mistake which allowed Miguel Camargo to take the ball and perform an unexpected but powerful right-legged shot that took by surprise the goalkeeper from the Barcelona opening the score for Panama.

But the Chileans shook it off and clearly dominated the game. After only ten minutes, the best two players from Chile’s eleven, Sánchez and Arturo Vidal, performed a beautiful one-two that Sánchez would finish with a low shot to the arch.

The goalkeeper, Jaime Penedo, managed to block it, but he could not hold onto the ball, and Eduardo Vargas was perfectly positioned to push the ball into the net tying the game to 1. When the first half was dying, Vargas again perfectly executed a header to the unprotected right post that made the score 2-1. Jean Beausejour gave the perfect service from the left band which the forward would transform into a goal.

Panama resisted, but in the end, got dominated by a better team

Vargas changed to the wingman’s seat and provided a ball which Alexis Sánchez would kick mid-air with his right leg piercing the arch’s defense. At minute 50, the score was 3 – 1 favoring the Chileans. At minute 75, Abdiel Arroyo would give Panama hope by scoring with a header reducing the goal difference, but Mr. Sanchez would return the favor. He received a service from the left band and scored with a precise header at minute 89 securing the victory in a game that would finish 4 – 2.

Chile’s eleven displayed a beautiful play-style full of passes and always at the offensive. In a match where a lot of players showed their skills, it was difficult to predict who the man of the game was going to be, and Eduardo Vargas ended up with the much-earned title. Now they have to wait for the result of the match between Argentina and Bolivia to get a date for their game at the elimination round.

Source: Copa America Centenario