Argentina‘s Lionel Messi may miss the match against Chile tonight because of a back injury. The iconic soccer player was hit very hard in a friendly game against Honduras on May 27. This weakens the team who is seeking to even the score after Chile eliminated them on penalties last year’s Copa America.

Overall, the tournament is going pretty slow. After the first game, the matches lacked the action that people would expect from such an event. However, there have been a couple of expulsions already. Even though historically Argentina’s soccer team has crushed Chile’s selection over and over again, people have been looking for today’s match between 2 strong rivals with a fascinating playstyle. They played earlier this year on March 24 and Chile lost, but the game was very even.

In one of the most anticipated match-ups of the group stage, Argentina and Chile will meet on Monday night at Levi’s Stadium. Image courtesy of Getty/

Everything is not lost. Gerardo Martino, who is the manager of the Argentinian team, said he would ask the doctor about Messi’s condition, so tonight, everyone is going to either hate or love that physician.

Lionel Messi was in the news last week for the wrong reasons. He had to leave for Spain to testify in his tax fraud trial on Thursday. But in spite of that, he quickly returned last Friday to train with his country’s team. He trained lightly, though, due to the lesson.

A leaderless game without intensity

Paraguay is going to face a somewhat weakened Colombian team because James is not going to place due to a shoulder injury. In their last game against Costa Rica, the most interesting thing in the whole match was the expulsion of Waston.

Apart from that, none of the teams took the initiative, and the goalkeepers had it very easy. At the end of the first half, Paraguay had shot against the arch only four times. It was a very anticipated game. After that first half, people just knew it was going to be a 0 – 0 draw.

Costa Rica is not going to have it easy. Its opponent is the U.S. selection, and they are looking for a much-needed victory after losing 0 – 2 against Colombia in the first game of the tournament. Cristián Zapata was the man of the match with a goal, a steal and an incredible 95% accuracy at passes.

The other goal came out of the foot of James Rodriguez, who is the equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo in Colombia. Unfortunately, James fell awkwardly dislocating his shoulder on the match.

The North American team is going to receive Costa Rica at the Soldier Field in Chicago at 8 P.M. and the team led by Ramon Diaz will attempt to stop Colombia’s momentum at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. The game will be on at 10:30 P.M. Tickets are already available.

Today game was more intense as Panama bested Bolivia 2 – 1. Blas Pérez punished Carlos Lampe with two goals becoming the man of the match. Pérez opened the score very early, but Bolivia reacted at the beginning of the second half as Carlos Arce scored. However, Blas acted as executor, and at the minute 87´ he gave the fatal strike.

Source: CA 2016