Los Angeles – On Thursday, Brett Rossi –Charlie Sheen’s ex fiancée– filed a lawsuit against the actor. The former porn star accused Sheen of assault, battery, false imprisonment and failure to disclose to her that he was HIV-positive.

Rossi is asking for $1 million and earnings from Sheen’s canceled TV show, “Anger Management,” which was part of a supposed agreement between the couple.

Photo: Woman's Day.
Brett Rossi was once engaged to marry Charlie Sheen but just last month, the heartbroken adult-film star dramatically burnt every relic and memento from their relationship. Credit: Woman’s Day.

Rossi said Sheen demanded her got an abortion after finding out she was pregnant back in March 2014. Sheen insisted he didn’t want a child given his HIV status. Rossi says Charlie threatened to kick her to the curb if she resisted. Rossi said she gave in to the pressure and got the abortion against her will.

Rossi became pregnant after finding out Sheen carried the disease. Brett says she and Charlie had unprotected sex at least 5 times before Charlie came clean about the virus. They agreed they would have unprotected sex and then became pregnant several months later.

Demanding an abortion was not the only assault Rossi claimed receiving from her ex-fiancée. Rossi also said Sheen had numerous violent outbursts during their relationship, including one where he threw a cement pillar at her; fortunately he missed and broke a glass door.

Rossi also said Sheen was extremely jealous of her ex-husband, he even supposedly told Rossi he wanted to pay someone to kill her ex. Furthermore, she claimed her suicide attempt back in November 14th was due her depression over the couple’s abrupt breakup the month before.

Meanwhile, the actor denies the accusations made by his ex-fiancée. “Charlie Sheen intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit filed by Scottine Ross. We are confident that Mr. Sheen will prevail in this action and will prevail on his claims for affirmative relief against her.” his attorney Martin D. Singer said in a statement.

The documents filed by Rossi read the met “for the sole purpose of engaging in sex” and that “he would pay her $10,000.” But then their relationship developed in a romantic one to the point the decided to get married.

Source: TMZ