The Los Angeles Police Department have launched an investigation against actor Charlie Sheen due to the reports of alleged threats made to former fiancee Scottine Rossi on March 31. Ross reported to the police that Sheen was making plans to kill her and that she feared for her life, as it was stated by her lawyer.

The police refused to provide any more details, but they commented that the case was brought to the LAPD Threat Management team detectives for further research. David Ring, Rossi’s lawyer, commented that Sheen was under investigation for threatening his client with having her murdered, so an emergency protective order was sought.

Charlie Sheen is currently under criminal investigation by the LAPD for threatening his former fiancee Scottine Rossi. Credit:

How and why?

A series of recordings were released on They featured Sheen speaking in a telephone conversation with an unknown person. He uttered threats against his ex-wife and the tape was solicited by Rossi. Supposedly, the tape contains Sheen threats to her ex-fiancee’s life such as “This piece of sh** needs to be f**ing buried. I’d rather spend 20 grand to have her head kicked in.”

Rossi argues that she knows the actor very well and by the attitude of the phone call, the context and the content lean towards serious violent threats. Ring argued that the LAPD is taking the matter seriously and that they are making efforts in obtaining the full recording of the call.

Charlie Sheen has had an increasing stream of personal problems, and it all became worse with his HIV-positive diagnosis on 2015, as he stated that he was aware of the disease and willingly refrained from telling anyone. Rossi reacted to the announcement and decided to sue him after he held a $1 million settlement unredeemed. Sheen allegedly forced Rossi to abort her baby due to the possible transmission of the disease.

It is not the first time that Rossi sues Charlie, as she had previously filed a claim of assault and battery, negligence and emotional distress.

Sheen’s defense is to be carried on by Martin Singer, a major Hollywood celebrity attorney known for defending Bill Cosby on his court cases.

Source: Washington Post