Waterville, Maine – Several people were injured on Christmas Day when a car crashed into a horse-drawn carriage. Six people were treated and released from hospitals but Kathy Marciarille, 56, from Rome, Maine, died on Sunday at Maine Medical Center, Police said.

Richard Libby, 68, from Clinton, hit the rear end of the carriage carrying a driver and 14 passengers. The crash threw Kathy Marciarille from the carriage and then she was run over by the car. She was hospitalized Saturday in critical condition at Maine Medical Center and died on Sunday from her injuries.

Six people were injured and one dead on Christmas Day after a car crashed into a horse-drawn carriage. Credit: Bangordailynews.com

Police said it appears Libby did not see the carriage until it was too late because of the angle and intensity of the sun. Both Libby and carriage driver Cathleen Simmons, 42, had their blood tested as a routine procedure to determine if the drivers were under alcohol influence. The results were negative on alcohol for both of them.

To carry on with the investigations Libby’s car will be inspected to see if there were any mechanical problems, police said. No charges have been filed yet.

Guests and volunteers were enjoying rides at a Christmas dinner hosted at the Waterville Elks Lodge, a non-profit organization, when the crash occurred at 2:30 pm.

Christmas morning came to Waterville, Maine with devastating news. A woman was found dead on Saturday afternoon outside a Drummond Avenue home. The investigation shows that the death of Stacey MacDonalds, 33, was accidental. It seems that she may have become disoriented inside the house and fallen out a second-floor hitting a cement patio and suffering serious internal and external injuries that led to her death.

“At this time, our agency’s investigation has led us to primarily conclude that at some point during the night, MacDonald became disoriented and either stepped out or fell from a second-story exterior doorway in the house,” Charles Rumsey, Chief Deputy of the Waterville Police Department said on Sunday.

The investigation will remain open until the medical examiner’s office determines the cause of MacDonald’s death.

Source: Washington Post