Dustin Snyder, a 19-year-old, residing in Florida, was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer two years ago. Her girlfriend Sierra Siverio, though heartbroken because of the situation, remained on Dustin’s side, firm and supportive.

The doctors say Dustin only has a couple of weeks left to live, maybe a month. But this just meant to him that he needed to show Sierra he appreciated everything she did. He knew she loved him, and to him, she was the one.

Synovial Sarcoma Cancer, Teen with terminal cancer marries girlfriend, Teen with cancer marries high school sweetheart, Dustin Snyder
Dustin and Sierra tied the knot recently. Image credit: Associated Press

Dustin proposed on Thursday, and happily, Sierra accepted. Their friends and family wanted to make sure everything happened, and in the best possible way, so they even donated the wedding rings.

Synovial Sarcoma Cancer

Dustin went to the hospital on June 27, 2016, just a day before his 18th birthday. He had chest pains, but since he had asthma, it didn’t worry the family a lot. But then, the doctors diagnosed him with Synovial Sarcoma Cancer, which is a type of cancer that affects soft tissues, and spreads primarily to extremities of the body (legs, arms, near joint capsules sometimes and tendon sheaths).

Dustin was told after getting surgery and chemotherapy that he was cancer-free, but three weeks later he returned to the hospital, cause cancer had returned to his body as well.

Two years have passed, and Sierra stays strong on his side, Dustin even declares he knew she was the one, after spending ten days in the hospital with him when he was recovering from his first surgery.

Sierra was devastated when she first heard the news, but Dustin asked her to be strong and present for him, and she was and is still willing to fulfill her promise. Dustin’s sister, Britanny Hail, claimed he’s thrilled and that’s all the family wanted for him, even though at first when she started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the wedding and further expenses of the family.

A bittersweet celebration

Synovial Sarcoma Cancer, Teen with terminal cancer marries girlfriend, Teen with cancer marries high school sweetheart, Dustin Snyder
The ceremony was recorded by everyone present. Image credit: Associated Press

Since Dustin felt he needed to give Sierra something back, he thought this gift would be his way of thanking her and showing her she was the one. And even though he knows the only treatment for that type of cancer is removal, and his can’t be removed, he decided he would be happy during his last days, just as he would try to make Sierra happy too.

Sierra said that they would both be together despite everything, forever, in their hearts. The celebration was recorded by every single guest, and the video of the beautiful event is up on Fox News.

Sierra, after getting married, said she was nervous but she happy because she was marrying her best friend, and even though Dustin physically changed due to the hard road he’s been through, he looks happy as ever, saying that it was the most special day of his life.

Source: ABC News